MES Study Group Starts May 14th!!


It's the 30th anniversary of the Medical Exercise Specialist (MES)! The need for medical exercise training is growing and will continue to do so for the next 20 years. You've already signed up for the MES let's finish!!


You are enrolled in our Medical Exercise Specialist Training Series but you have not finished!! I get gets in the way. You have stuff!!  You spent ALL that money and you're stuck. NO WORRIES....the MES Study Group is designed to help you get through the MEST lessons, quizzes and pass the final MES Examination.


We have a Medical Exercise Specialist Study Group (MESSG) starting Tuesday, May 14th at 9pm ET/6pm PT. We will meet via ZOOM every other Tuesday evening. And if you can't make it.....every session is recorded. 


There are 12 MES Study Group sessions, each looking at a different component of the MES Training Series. Check out the schedule...

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MET 101 Tip 18 - What Conditions Will I See as an MES?


In "MET 101 Ebook Tip 18," the discussion pivots to the expanding scope of conditions Medical Exercise Specialists are increasingly managing in their practices. This session of the video series sheds light on the evolution of medical exercise services, highlighting not only the common conditions such as diabetes, osteoarthritis, and hypertension but also more complex and less frequently encountered conditions like cancer, closed head injuries, amputations, and organ transplants. The video underscores the importance of medical exercise specialists in addressing a broad spectrum of health issues, reflecting the growing need for specialized exercise interventions in management of chronic and post-surgical conditions.

Key points from the video include:

Diverse Range of Conditions: Emphasizes the wide array of conditions that medical exercise specialists encounter, from common issues like low back pain and obesity to more exotic conditions.

Growth of Medical Exercise Services: Notes the...

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Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Training Series Special Ends Sunday

Uncategorized Apr 02, 2024

Elevate Your Career: Become an Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist!

Dear Future Leader in Medical Exercise,

Are you ready to take your career to extraordinary heights? We’re thrilled to introduce the Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Training Series (AMEST), a game-changing opportunity designed specifically for professionals like you, who are passionate about making Medical Exercise Training (MET) the cornerstone of their practice. This is not just another training program; it's a career transformation journey, allowing you to distinguish yourself in the dynamic field of medical exercise.

Why AMEST? The AMEST is meticulously crafted, combining the essence of our acclaimed former AMES Residency into a flexible, self-paced online format. You now have the golden opportunity to earn the prestigious title of an Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist, unlocking doors to unmatched professional growth and expertise.

What Awaits You?

  1. Unlock the Pinnacle of Expertise with AMES Client...
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MET 101 Tip 17 - What Can a MES Bill to an Insurance Carrier?


In "MET 101 eBook Tip 17," Dr. Mike looks at the complex world of insurance billing for medical exercise training professionals, a topic that has gained significant attention over the years. Dr. Mike debunks some of the myths and lays out the realities of navigating insurance reimbursement using a MET Insurance Reimbursement criterion. This video is part of the "MET 101 eBook" series, where Dr. Mike shares his extensive experience and insights, drawing from his background of owning PT clinics, to help medical exercise professionals understand how to secure and retain insurance payments for their services.

Key points from the video include:

Evolution of Insurance Billing: Dr. Mike discusses the shift in insurance billing practices since 1994, highlighting the growing interest among medical exercise professionals in understanding how to bill insurance carriers.

The Reality of Insurance Billing: Emphasizes the critical importance of accurate billing and the potential for audits by...

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Learn 6 Criteria for MET Insurance Reimbursement

Join us for "Webinar Friday" sponsored by the Medical Exercise Specialist Network on Friday, March 22nd at 2 pm ET/11 am PT for "6 Criteria for Insurance Reimbursement of MET Services".

Click the Image Above to Register


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Medical Exercise Specialist....When Can You Begin Working with Surgical Clients?


In "MET 101 Ebook Tip 16," the focus shifts to the evolving landscape of medical exercise training, particularly in the context of post-surgical care. This video highlights the increasing necessity for fitness and medical exercise professionals to work closely with clients after surgery, a trend driven by changes in health insurance reimbursement policies. Dr. Mike emphasizes the critical importance of obtaining medical clearance from the operating physician before initiating any exercise program with a post-surgical client. This installment of the MET 101 series sheds light on the procedural and ethical considerations involved in transitioning clients from surgical recovery to physical therapy and eventually to medical exercise training.

Key insights from the video include:

Necessity for Medical Clearance: Before starting physical therapy or medical exercise training, obtaining clearance from the client's surgeon, family physician, or physical therapist is essential.

Timing for...

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My Client Has Pain After Our MET Session...What Should I Do?


Welcome to "MET 101 Ebook Tip 15," Dr. Mike introduces the MedXPRO Network, a platform designed for medical exercise specialists and post-rehabilitation professionals to share experiences and discuss various topics pertinent to their field. One of the focal points of this video is the appropriate response when a client experiences significant pain after a session.

Dr. Mike emphasizes the importance of direct communication with the referral source, be it a physician or a physical therapist, to ensure the client receives the most appropriate care based on their current condition. This installment of the MET 101 series underscores the critical role of clear, professional communication in managing client care and the collaborative relationship between exercise professionals and medical practitioners.


Key takeaways from the video include:

Direct Communication with Referral Sources: Essential for providing detailed accounts of exercise sessions and client responses, especially...

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Join the Medical Exercise Specialist Network!!


JOIN the Medical Exercise Specialist NETWORK!!


Join the only online community dedicated exclusively to Medical Exercise Specialists…Post Rehab Conditioning Specialists...Medical Exercise Program Directors!! The Medical Exercise Specialist (MES) Network will take you to the next level with your medical exercise training skills and practice. 

As medical exercise training (MET) continues to grow…..a good idea may be to join a community of like-minded and well-trained MEDICAL EXERCISE PROFESSIONALS. Yes, professionals....not wannabes. 


Whether you just finished the MES or PRCS, have practiced a few years, and want to build a strong and profitable MET practice, let the MES Network resources work for you instead of developing them on your own. 


Do you ever feel like the Lone Ranger in your practice? Every other trainer says they do MET or post rehab but it's don't know what they are doing. Other personal trainers don’t...

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7 Steps to Packaging MET Services Recording


The Medical Exercise Training Institute (METI) marks its 30th year of excellence in medical exercise education with Free Webinar FridaysWebinar Fridays are free 45-minute webinars sponsored by the Medical Exercise Specialist Network to provide medical exercise professionals with the knowledge to better manage their clients and practices while establishing guidelines and standards for our new profession - Medical Exercise Training. Our next webinar......

Topic - "7 Steps for Packaging Fitness Services for Medical Conditions" 

 Webinar Highlights You Can't Afford to Miss:
1. Identify the MET Needs
2. Identify the Six Key Exercise Points
3. Identify the Key Lifestyle Management Keys
4. Develop 30-Day Exercise Goals
5. Develop Six 10-minute Lifestyle Presentations
6. Develop Six 10-minute Group Exercise Sessions
7. Identify What the Client Leaves With


Dr Mike and the METI Team 

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What is "Medical Clearance"?...MET 101 eBook Tip 14


"MET 101 Ebook - Tip 14," goes deeper into the critical aspect of liabilities and the importance of “medical clearance” in the field of medical exercise training. This installment of the series underscores the responsibility of medical exercise professionals in ensuring client safety and the appropriateness of exercise programs. The video delves into the role these professionals play, acting as the last line of defense in identifying red flags even in clients who have been medically cleared for exercise. Through practical advice and examples, the video provides a comprehensive overview of how to navigate these complex situations effectively.


Key insights from the video include:


Medical Clearance Necessity: Stresses the importance of obtaining medical clearance from a physician, physical therapist, or chiropractor before starting any exercise program.

Identifying Red Flags: Highlights the crucial role of medical exercise professionals in spotting red...

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