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To all METI - Medical Exercise Specialists, Post Rehab Conditioning Specialists and Medical Exercise Program Directors.....I think this image speaks for itself. Thanks for all the great work you have done in helping your clients improve their function and enhance their lives. Look for more images in the MET series in the next few weeks.

Dr Mike

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Medical Exercise Training Career Success


Medical Exercise Training (MET) is not just another certification or means of attracting clients, but it provides fitness professionals a new opportunity to help your community. This new profession - Medical Exercise Training - DOES NOT purport to provide any aspect of medical treatment or diagnostics but only safe and effective exercise after the conclusion medical care.


We have identified 6 steps in the path to a successful career as a Medical Exercise Specialist. It begins with a FOUNDATION gained through the workshop and certification but continues to: 2. APPLICATION; 3. MANAGEMENT; 4. SPECIALIZATION; 5. GROWTH and 6. LEADERSHIP. This success path is like those seen in medicine, law, etc. To review the full video series on the MES Career Success Path go to: MES Career Success.

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Medical Exercise Training - Practice Management Systems

Medical exercise training is about skills but more importantly it becomes practice management and client management systems. You must have the skills but systems must in place so you may apply your skills appropriately, record the information accurately, communicate the information in a timely manner and most importantly just manage the information appropriately.
Of course if you add staff members you must have a system(s), because the biggest problem with adding staff members is, everyone thinks differently. It's hard to get staff members to think the same way you do without practice systems in place. So medical exercise training practice management systems are the keys to the growth of this new profession and the future.
Learn how to install systems in your practice in the MEPD Training Series -
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Exercise is Definitely Medicine....."If Dosed Properly and Effectively!!"

Yes, exercise is definitely medicine. We are seeing an explosion of medical fitness certifications and workshops using exercise as medicine. But are we throwing exercise at medical conditions the same way some physicians throw pills at disease? Exercise must be dosed to be effective. It must be repeatable and able to be analyzed so we can establish guidelines, protocols, and best practices for exercise management of medical conditions. This gives credibility, not certifications.
Are you asking "what exercise(s) should I do for this client's condition", but are unaware of the necessary frequency, duration, rest, sets, reps, intensity? Do you use the findings from your assessment to develop the exercise program? Are you doing re-assessments? What if the client has an altered mental status? What are the healing limitations based on the condition/injury or surgery? What is the tissue tolerance level for exercise of the client? Which functional outcome...
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Medical Exercise Practice Management Systems - The Keys to Long Term Success


Running a medical exercise training practices requires much more skill and savvy then a personal training business. Though both are based on providing exercise to your clients, the MET practice requires much more administrative skill and knowledge for success. 

We have identified 12 Medical Exercise Training Practice Management System you should establish in your practice to maximize efficiency and success. These systems include:  

We will review these systems in detail in the MEPD and show how you can establish versions of these systems in your practice to fit your needs. Medical exercise training skills are one important component of your business.....but having practice systems in place allows you to grow and expand your practice is the other key skill. 

The MEPD starts September 20th!! Click here for Medical Exercise Program Director

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Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Workshop - Nov 11 - 14 - Katy, TX

The Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist (AMES) workshop is coming back to Houston - November 11 - 14. The first AMES workshop was such a huge success we are offering the program again. For details go to This workshop is for all MES or PRCS grads looking to take the MET skills to the next level.

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Medical Exercise Specialist is Going Back to NYC!!


The Medical Exercise Specialist 2-Day Onsite Workshop is going back to the Big Apple......New York City - October 30 - 31, 2021!!! This is our internationally known Medical Exercise Specialist workshop. With your enrollment for the MES workshop, you also receive access to the Medical Exercise Specialist Training (MEST) series and the MES Study Group webinars. Go to for course details and the MEST components.

This workshop will be hosted by FocusNYC. Our thanks to Gabe Valencia, MES and Joe Masiello, MES for their long-time support and great work at Focus.

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METI - A Brief History of our Certifications


This is a summary of the Medical Exercise Training Institute (METI) workshops and certifications. METI started in 1994 when Dr Jones started to see the need for a fitness professional with the skills and knowledge to manage medical conditions after therapy services were concluded using only exercise.

METI offers: 1) the Medical Exercise Specialist; 2) the Post Rehab Conditioning Specialist and 3) the Medical Exercise Program Director certifications. In early 2021 we began our Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Residency. For more details on our certifications go to

To test your medical exercise/post rehab knowledge try our Medical Exercise Training Survey by following this link. This is a 70 question survey related to managing medical conditions using exercise. Thanks for taking the time to complete the survey. 

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METI Fall 2021 Workshops


The Medical Exercise Training Institute (METI) is happy to announce our medical exercise/post rehab course offerings for the Fall of 2021. The METI offerings include our Medical Exercise Program Director Training Series; the Medical Exercise Specialist 2-Day Onsite Workshop (Katy, TX & New York City); the Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Workshop (Katy, TX) and the MedXPRO Summit.

METI has offered medical exercise/post rehab workshops and certifications since 1994. These courses are the most comprehensive and detailed courses available today. Take our Medical Exercise Training Survey today by clicking this link. Learn where you are in your medical exercise career journey.

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The Medical Exercise Program Director is Launching!!


The Medical Exercise Program Director Training Series starts September 20th, 2021. The need for Medical Exercise Training/Post Rehab Fitness will continue grow and possibly expand faster due to Covid. This means you…the medical exercise professional or MedXPRO….have a huge opportunity to develop a strong practice managing medical conditions using exercise. The skills necessary to develop, manage, administrate and market a MET practice are something new for personal trainers transitioning to medical exercise

The Medical Exercise Program Director Training Series gives you everything you need to build your practice anywhere. Go to for details. Also, we’ve added the Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist 4-day workshop to the MEPD Training Series. Register now to secure your seat – click the link below.

Medical Exercise Program Director Registration

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