Medical Exercise Specialist Workshop...Top 10 Reasons You Should Attend!!


The Medical Exercise Training Institute is excited to invite you to our 2-Day Medical Exercise Specialist On-Site Workshop in Houston on October 21st and 22nd. With 29 years of experience in this unique field, we are the original and most comprehensive training program dedicated to “Bridging the Gap Between Healthcare and Fitness”. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should attend:


1**Practical Application:** This isn't just reading a book and taking a test. We provide hands-on training, ensuring you understand how to apply medical exercise techniques safely and effectively. 


2**Experience and Reach:** The Medical Exercise Training Institute (METI) has been training professionals for nearly three decades, spanning six continents. 


3**Exercise is Medicine...but:** Learn how to properly apply exercise protocols and techniques for specific medical conditions, enhancing safety and functionality for your clients. 



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MedXPRO Network is BACK and BETTER!!


Hello Medical Exercise Specialists!! The MedXPRO Network (MXP)  is back and better!! We have upgraded the MXP platform, enhanced the online community and added more content to help you grow your MET skills and business. The MedXPRO Network is the only online community specifically to assist you in building your practice. 

We have a number of professional resources, an online forum, training videos and downloadable manuals you won't find anywhere else. Here's a partial list of the MedXPRO Resources.


We are offering our inaugural pricing thru September 9th for all METI MESs, PRCSs, MEPDs and MES-As. Go to to get registered or for more details. 

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Medical Exercise Specialist Workshop is Back and Coming to Houston!!


Elevate Your Career with the Ultimate Medical Exercise Specialist Workshop! The Medical Exercise Training Institute (METI) invites you to join our exclusive Medical Exercise Specialist (MES) Onsite Workshop on October 21 & 22, 2023, hosted at Medical Fitness Pros in Katy, TX.


Why is this the workshop you can't afford to miss? It's the definitive course for "Bridging the Gap Between Health Care and Fitness," designed for professionals who are serious about making a difference. This isn't just another certification; it's the "Real MES" program.


Over two intensive days, you'll gain hands-on experience in applying exercise protocols to manage a range of medical conditions. This workshop is tailored for personal trainers, kinesiologists, massage therapists, athletic trainers, and any fitness professionals committed to elevating their practice by working with clients who have medical conditions.


Don't miss your chance to be among the select group of only 12...

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8 Habits of Successful Medical Exercise Specialists


Over the last 29 years teaching Medical Exercise Specialist workshops, I have noticed highly successful Medical Exercise Specialists demonstrate eight habits that guarantee their success. We will discuss each of these 8 habits and explain the impact each has on a medical exercise practice. Successful MESs are able to develop safe and effective medical exercise programs for a wide range of medical conditions, establish long-term referral relationships with medical professionals, and build strong practices. If you embrace these habits, I guarantee you too will grow a profitable and successful practice. 



Medical Exercise Specialists DEFINE their scope of practice and role in a clear and concise manner in their brochures, marketing materials, and presentations. Defining your scope of practice and clearly outlining your menu of services allows you to position yourself as the medical exercise expert, rather than relying on someone, who may lack a true understanding of...

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MES, PRCS, MEPD Apparel is Now Available!!


MES, PRCS and MEPD apparel is HERE!! METI is happy to announce a line of MES apparel for Medical Exercise Specialists. We have partnered with the Queensboro Shirt Company to embroider our logo on polo shirts, hoodies, duffel bags, etc. There's one order you MUST have a current METI PRCS, MES, or MEPD certification. To order directly from Queensboro click the logo below:


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7 Steps to Building Your MET Practice


There are 7 steps necessary to build a medical exercise training or post-rehab practice in any setting. We have put these 7 steps into an eBook. Just click the image below. 




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METI is Celebrating 29 Years of "Bridging the Gap"


The Medical Exercise Training Institute (METI) is 29 years old!! Yes, we started the medical exercise/post-rehab movement with the Medical Exercise Specialist workshop and certification in 1994. 13 students attended that first course. Since we have trained Medical Exercise Specialists on six continents around the world. 

We watched post-rehab fitness grow into medical exercise training and witnessed the birth of our new profession. We owe all of our success to the amazing Medical Exercise Specialists (MES), Post Rehab Conditioning Specialists (PRCS), and Medical Exercise Program Directors (MEPD) we met along this 29-year journey. Thank you for all you have done to build this new profession and the support you have given METI. You made us look good by providing great service to your clients and developing relationships with medical professionals. You proved medical exercise training WORKS!!

If you are an AAFP, AAHFRP, or METI MES, PRCS, or MEPD,...

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MES Masters - 6-Point Client Management System - April 27th


Join us for our 9th MES Masters session on April 27th at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT. In this session, we will apply the 6 Point MET Client Management system to a case study. The step-by-step application of the 6-point system may be helpful as you move from personal training to Medical Exercise Training. Use the link below to join!!


Password: MESMasters

Join us!!

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Medical Exercise Training....Our Next Steps


What are the next steps for our new profession - Medical Exercise Training? Medical Exercise Training is growing rapidly, receiving greater recognition and moving closer to insurance reimbursement. With this growth and acceptance, we must step back and think carefully about our "Next Steps" to avoid the pitfalls made by some medical professionals. In this session, Dr. Mike discussed some of these next steps and concerns for the future of MET.

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AMES Professional Resources

Uncategorized Mar 10, 2023

The AMES Residency gives you access to our Professional Resources. These resources are specifically designed for medical exercise professionals. They will help you better manage your client, build your practice and connect with medical professionals. 

Register for our upcoming AMES Residency 2023. Its starts on April 20th. Once you register, you will receive immediate access to these resources through our MedXPRO Network. Even after completion of the residency, you can maintain access to Professional Resources through our MedXPRO Network. Included in the resources are:

  • Client Management Session Video Library
  • MAPPS - Medical Exercise Assessment Protocol and Progression System
  • MET Skills Checklists and Assessments
  • MES Masters Training Sessions
  • AMES Client Strategy Sessions
  • MedXPRO Network
  • MET Practice Management Training
  • AMES Case Studies


These are some of the resources you may use as part of the AMES Residency. Register now, the residency begins April 20th....

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