Medical Exercise Training Practice vs. Personal Training Business


Transitioning to medical exercise training (MET) can be challenging for personal trainers just completing the Medical Exercise Specialist certification. Over the last 28 years we have assisted thousands of MedXPROs making the shift. In this post we identify a few characteristics of a successful Medical Exercise Training practice compared to a Personal Training Business.

Personal Training Business Characteristics


Medical Exercise Training Practice


Making the transitioning to a medical exercise training (MET) practice from personal training business is possible without eliminating the personal training component. It’s a process and it takes time but it can be done. In later posts we will review each step in making the transition. 

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AMES.....Should You Join the Residency


Let me take a moment to talk about creating a medical exercise training practice. Most of our students are personal trainers, health coaches, massage therapists, fitness trainers, or similar professionals. For most of them, medical exercise training (MET) is another tool in their toolbox.

Now, we’re finding physicians, surgeons, and other health professionals are looking for more advanced MET services for their patients. Many of our graduates want to know how to handle more complex MET cases. They want the skills to be able to handle client cases effectively and speak with doctors with the complete knowledge and confidence of the exercise programs they have developed.

That’s why we created the "Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Residency”.

By the time you’re done with the residency, you’re able to work directly with physicians and therapists, understanding even the most complex cases, and be able to manage a client’s case from the...

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MedXPRO/ClinicMaster Starts @ 1pm

MedXPRO/ClinicMaster is here!! Join us for our webinar today at 1pm ET and digitize your Medical Exercise business. Click here to join:

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Medical Exercise Training Institute - February 8, 2022 Update


Welcome to the first Medical Exercise Training Institute weekly update of 2022. This update includes: 1) METI certification renewal changes for 2022 including the introduction of our Medical Exercise Professional Ethics training; 2) the start of the 2022 – Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist residency on March 6th and 3) the start of our next Medical Exercise Specialist Study Group on February 22nd; the release of the first Medical Exercise Training client management and record system – MedXPRO/ClinicMaster on February 18th. Click here to join the MedXPRO/ClinicMaster webinar February 18th at 1pm ET.

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MedXPRO/ClinicMaster is Ready....Join the Webinar on February 18th!!


The MedXPRO/ClinicMaster MET Practice Management System is finally HERE!! Join our webinar on February 18th to learn more details about ClinicMaster and how it can help you build, manage and grow your business, produce better outcomes for your clients and develop relationships with medical referral sources.

Click here to register for the webinar

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Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Residency Starts March 6th


The AMES residency 2022 starts March 6th!! The Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Residency (AMES) is the more comprehensive and detailed medical exercise training education available in the industry.

This is our second AMES residency. We are taking 12 students for the program. This is an intense deep dive into the management of medical conditions using exercise. The AMES goes into detail with the MET assessment including manual muscle testing, goniometry, some special testing as well as report writing and documentation. 

There is also a 4-day onsite AMES workshop which each resident may attend. We have 3 dates for the AMES workshop in 2022. Click HERE for more information. 

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Medical Exercise Specialist Study Group Starts February 22nd


The next Medical Exercise Specialist Study Group begins February 22nd at 9pm ET. This is the first session of our 12 session MES Study Group. Each MESSG session is a 60 minute live Zoom session during which Dr Mike will review, summarize  and help you understand how to apply the information in the 50 lessons from the MEST program.

Each MESSG session is recorded and available for your later viewing. The schedule for this MESSG is noted below. You may join anytime. You may repeat the MESSSG as many as you feel necessary in your preparation for the MES final examination. 

Click here for more details and to enroll. 


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METI Certification Renewal 2022 Updates


Beginning in February 2022 all Medical Exercise Specialists, Post Rehab Conditioning Specialists and Medical Exercise Program Directors are required to complete "Medical Exercise Professional Ethics Training".

As the need for Medical Exercise Training grows, MedXPROs will develop relationships with clients with medical conditions, medical professionals and insurance carriers. These relationships as well as the services provided by the MedXPRO will require a greater understanding and awareness of ethical standards.

The Medical Exercise Professional Ethics Training is a 90 minute to 2 hour online course reviewing the ethical principles governing the delivery of medical exercise training services. There is a ethic quiz at the conclusion of the training. The certification of completion must be submitted with your METI renewal documents when you renew. 

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Medical Exercise Training Institute 2022 Announcements


The Medical Exercise Training Institute is happy to share our 2022 offerings with ALL medical exercise professionals. 2022 will definitely be the year of "Medical Exercise Training". The changes in health care, the impact of Covid and the continued numbers affected by chronic diseases will make medical exercise professionals (MedXPROs) more important players in the medical management team. 

2022 will see METI continue it's Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Residency as well as introducing the first MET Practice Management System .....The MedXPRO/ClinicMaster electronic medical record platform. The MedXPRO/ClinicMaster will revolutionize medical exercise training and provide the needed elements for MedXPROs to better manage their clients, document and share functional outcomes as well as communicate with medical professionals including physicians, therapists and chiropractors. Also, ClinicMaster has a module that will allow MedXPROs to develop relationships with insurance...

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MedXPRO Summit 2021 - Medical Exercise Specialist Success Stories - Roundtable


MedXPRO Summit 2021 - Roundtable. The recording from the MXP Summit Roundtable discussion has posted. Our roundtable participants included: Stan Johnson, Susie Elisberg Duttge, Rosa Gilmar, Abbey Dixson, Ernie Schramayr, Tony Books Avilez, and Angela Thrasher. Great discussion with many insightful ideas from medical exercise training's best professionals.

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