30 - 4 - 30 Episode 6

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30 - 4 - 30 Episode 5

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30 - 4 - 30 Episode 4

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30 - 4 - 30 Episode 3

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30 - 4 - 30 Episode 13

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Medical Exercise Training Client Management System Pt 1 / 30 - 4 - 30 Episode 21


Medical Exercise Training Client Management System - We all know the need for medical exercise training (MET) will grow over the next 20 years. The transition to MET from personal training requires a more systematic approach to client management. This video briefly reviews the METI "Client Management System" taught in our MEPD program. This segment from our 30 - 4 - 30 series recorded in October 2018. 

MET client management has a number of components: 1) initial intake; 2) initial session; 3) assessment; 4) post assessment; 5) schedule; 6) the training session; and the 7) progress report. The system is based on identifying the client's functional deficits, determining the functional outcome measures (FOMs); recording/documenting outcomes, effectively training the client and reporting progress. 

Please share the client management system(s) you use in your practice. 

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30 - 4 - 30 Episode 2


This our second 30 - 4 - 30 episode. These tips are designed to help you build your practice. Targeting is important in establishing your MET practice. Target conditions and/or medical professionals. Select 3 medical professionals to approach initially to build your MET practice. Focus on a couple of medical conditions as specialties. For more information to build your practice join our community for medical exercise professionals.....go to MedXPRO360.com

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30 - 4 - 30 Episode 1


This is our first 30 - 4 - 30 episode. These were originally published in 2017. These segments provided such good information, we decided to republish them in 2019. In this episode Dr Mike helps you clearly define your scope of practice as a Medical Exercise Specialist; what medical exercise training is and finally your role as a MES. For more information go to www.MedXPRO360.com.

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Medical Exercise Specialists......How Much Should You Charge?


Medical Exercise Specialists (MES) provide great outcomes for their clients. They are not simply personal trainers but highly trained medical exercise professionals providing safe and effective exercise for clients with medical conditions after medical care is over. The need for Medical Exercise Specialists will continue to grow over the next 20 years.

Medical Exercise Specialists should charge 20% to 50% above the going rate for personal training services. The MES provides services above simple personal training. Developing exercise programs to effectively manage diabetes, disc herniation, ligament sprain as well as communicating with medical professionals and documenting training sessions requires a higher level of professionalism, understanding and skill. As a result, the Medical Exercise Specialist should command a higher pay rate. 

As Dr Mike outlines in the video the Medical Exercise Training Institute (METI) recommends MESs charge 20% above the going regional personal...

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8 Pieces of Equipment Every MET Facility Must Have


8 Pieces of Equipment Every MET Facility Must Have.........Whether you have a 1200 sq ft or 5000 sq ft facility, here are 8 essential pieces of exercise equipment every MET facility needs.

The 8 pieces are:

  1. Upper Body Ergometer
  2. Cable Column Unit
  3. Leg Press/Shuttle
  4. Swiss Balls, Stretching Straps, Dumbbells, etc.
  5. Recumbent Bike
  6. Mat Table
  7. Digital Exercise Software - PhysioTec
  8. Blood Pressure Cuff

There are several other important pieces of equipment you may add but these are ESSENTIAL. For a more detailed list for a small, medium or large MET facility go to www.MET101Ebook.com review tip #46.  #TheRealMES

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