Medical Exercise Training Practice Day


It's Medical Exercise Training Practice Day!! If you are thinking about working with more MET clients, you have probably started to realize they are very reliable clients. At this point many of the "fitness wannabes" have dropped out and now you see a new type of client. The client that needs the exercise to maintain their function. The MET client. 

MET Practice Day is the point many fitness professionals toying with developing a MET practice realize...its the best option for a reliable client base. To get guidelines and strategies on building your MET practice and avoiding costly mistakes go to

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Medical Exercise Training 101 Ebook - Get Your Free Copy


From Michael Jones, PhD, PT, the developer of the internationally recognized Medical Exercise Specialist certification. The Medical Exercise Training 101 E-book is available to help you “Bridge the Gap Between Health Care and Fitness”.

Medical Exercise Training (MET) is becoming an important component in the management of chronic medical conditions. The need for certified medical exercise professionals is growing as physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors and insurance carriers begin to understand and embrace the importance of integrating exercise into the management of medical conditions. This new specialty is MEDICAL EXERCISE TRAINING!!

With the Medical Exercise Training 101 (MET101), you can quickly understand how MET can help you build your practice, produce better outcomes for your clients and establish referral relationships with medical professionals. MET101 is a one stop guide to answer the 101 most common questions fitness professionals ask when...

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Medical Exercise Success - Day 22


Good morning Medical Exercise Specialists and welcome to Day 22 of "40 Days to Medical Exercise Success". Today we will discuss developing a network of non-medical referral sources. This is a concept which was shared with me by a close friend and Medical Exercise Specialist - David Gilks, MES, MEPD. David built a very strong MET practice in Nanaimo, BC - Core Essentials using this concept.

David's idea was to develop a network of non-medical vendors which sold products or services his clients would benefit from. David realized his clients were sought after by not only medical professionals but also vendors in his community. MET clients pay anywhere from $100+ per session to maintain or improve their health and function. David developed a network of natural food stores, alternative medicine providers, health/beauty shops, organic farmers, counselors and coaches in his community that could assist his clients reach their goals.

David developed this concept into a membership...

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Medical Exercise Success - Day 21


Medical Exercise Specialists it's day 21 of "40 Days to Medical Exercise Success". Yesterday we asked clients to share their reasons why they use your services. Or the functional solution you provided for them. Ask and note these in the client's own words. 

Today let's take those solutions and craft them into blog posts. Please don't use the client's name but you can say a "72 year old male with a total knee replacement" or a "59 year old grandmother with diabetes". This allows the reader of your blog to relate better, especially if they have the condition. Clients, searching the Internet for medical solutions, are only looking for what's in it for themselves. The closer the story is to their condition the more they will relate and inquire about your services.

Develop 10 blog posts with your clients' solutions. WIth each of these develop a short 1 - 2 minute video. Video is still king but a written blog post definitely helps with SEO. 

Avoid missing any of the "40 Days"...

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Medical Exercise Success - Day 20


Welcome to Day 20 of "40 Days to Medical Exercise Success". Let's talk today about why your clients seek you out for medical exercise training. Ask your clients why they use you? What do they get from you? What is the training allowing them to do? 

Clients don't come to you because of your certs or degrees. They come because they are getting something out of it. Usually a positive functional outcome. Find out why clients are using you. Write it down in their words. This is very important in marketing your services. 

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Medical Exercise Success - Day 19


Medical Exercise Specialists this is Day 19 of "40 Days to Medical Exercise Success". Today we will focus on developing a website including a blog, as well as social media channels. Social media is the thing....but all your social media roads should lead back to website and blog. The website is your hub. Everything starts here or points back here. 

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Medical Exercise Success - Day 18

Uncategorized Jan 24, 2020
Hello Medical Exercise Specialists and welcome to Day 18 of "40 Days  to Medical Exercise Success". It's essential to establish a separate menu of services as well as a few schedule for your MET practice. Fitness services and personal training have paid your bills and provided your lifestyle. Now with your drive to build a MET practice your next step is to establish your MET menu of services and fee schedule. These should be specific to MET.
Join us Monday when we discuss developing your website and social media channels. Make sure you get all the "40 Days" videos by subscribing to our blog at
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Medical Exercise Training Client Management System - Pt 4


The need for Medical Exercise Training continues to grow and is being recognized more by medical professionals. This post we will review our MET Client Management System. This was originally shot in October 2017 as part of our 30 – 4 – 30 series. Please forgive the reference to October 2017. The information in this segment is still relevant today and reviews the “post assessment” phase of the MET client management process. We previously discussed the overall concept of the MET Client Management System in an earlier video posted on October 23, 2019. Click the links for MET Client Management System – Part 1:…/ Part 2:…/ Part 3:…/. For more on Medical Exercise Training guidelines subscribe to our blog at

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Medical Exercise Success - Day 17


Every Medical Exercise Training (MET) practice needs a signature program to market as well as generate outstanding outcomes. Your signature program should almost guarantee as positive outcome. This is the program, within your niche or area of specialization, that is the thing you are known for. 

A signature may take you a few months or a few years to create, refine and fine tune. This program is based on the knowledge, skills and experiences we identified in day 9 of the "40 Days to Medical Exercise Success". The signature program isn't just exercises its also lifestyle education, criteria, communication guidelines, home exercise, etc for a specific condition or group of conditions. 

A signature program also allow you some fun. This is the program you are so good at delivering it's not work. Its know it inside out and you deliver results with it. This program is your expertise at it's best. 

Take a few moments to listen as Dr Mike and Chris Harris of ...

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Medical Exercise Success - Day 16


Hello again and were back for day 16 of "40 Days to Medical Exercise Success". Yesterday we spoke about establishing MET protocols for the 10 most common conditions you manage in your practice. This will make your practice more efficient and lead to better and faster functional outcomes.

Today, let's refer to these protocols you developed on day 15 and begin the development of base programs within your niche or area of specialization. These programs are the marketing materials you will share with clients before they purchase MET sessions. The base programs are the "here's what you get when you work with me".

Join us again tomorrow for day 17 when we discuss developing your signature programs within your niche or specialization.

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