METI - 2021 Update


Hello everyone!! This is our first blog post for 2021. I bet most of your are glad 2020 is gone and you welcome 2021 with hope and optimism. We have two new programs for 2021: 1) the Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Residency (AMES); and 2) the Medical Exercise Training - Electronic Medical Records (MET-EMR) system. These two programs will have a very positive impact on MedXPROs worldwide. 

Look for more details on both of these programs later this week. Thanks for all your support. We look forward to seeing you in the AMES or using the MET-EMR. 

Stay safe!!

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Merry Christmas from METI


Hello everyone and Merry Christmas!! This is my favorite time of year. I wish you and yours all the best and a very Merry Christmas!!

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Medical Exercise Training.....The New Modality - Part 5


The Medical Exercise Training client is usually somewhere between 25 and 80 years of age. They have a chronic medical condition but they are "medically stable".  Their blood pressure, blood glucose, pain, swelling, etc are all managed to allow participation in a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise without exacerbation of their condition. The medical management is provided by physicians, therapists, chiropractors, nurses, etc using indicated medications or procedures. The MET client must be "medically stable" to begin exercise.  

The MET session should include some combination of strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, stability and functional training. Prior to beginning exercise the client should undergo a MET assessment including medical history and screening along with an appropriate regional assessment. The assessment allows the MedXPRO to identify residual functional deficits. These and other findings from the assessment are used to develop an...

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Medical Exercise Training.....The New Modality - Part 4


Medical Exercise Specialists will become more important in the management of chronic disease over the next 20 years. The Medical Exercise Specialist (MES) program began in 1994 as an attempt to provide safe and effective exercise for patients discharged from physical therapy. Since 1994 the need for medical exercise/post rehab training has continued to grow.

The Medical Exercise Specialist is the new health professional. The MES has evolved beyond “personal trainer”. Completion of a thorough education in exercise management of medical conditions is required to obtain the title. Medical Exercise Specialists provided a wide range of services but never in an effort to replace licensed medical professionals. The role of the MES is to: 1) deliver safe and effective exercise for medical conditions; 2) effectively communicate with medical professionals; 3) document functional outcomes and 4) provide wellness and lifestyle education.  

The education necessary to fulfill...

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Medical Exercise Training.....The New Modality - Part 3


Medical exercise training (MET) utilizes a “new fitness approach” to manage medical conditions using exercise. We know there must be a new approach to managing chronic medical conditions using exercise. Hypertension, diabetes, osteoarthritis, total joint replacements, low back pain and others are bankrupting health care systems around the world.

For fitness to have a significant and long-term impact on healthcare these changes must be implemented: 1) using specific functional outcome measures to gauge progress; 2) utilize a protocol-based approach to deliver of MET services for specific medical conditions; 3) determine number of session and duration of MET services; 4) establish a system of communication and documentation to share the results and progress of exercise programming with the medical community and 5) incorporate home exercise and lifestyle education into MET programming. These five points simply say…..MET is an extension of the services provided by...

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Medical Exercise Training.....The New Modality - Part 2


Healthcare is changing rapidly and Covid will speed those changes. Medical exercise training (MET) will continue to grow but there is a need for MedXPROs to complete comprehensive and detailed MET education leading to competence and confidence to integrate exercise into the medical management process. 

The integration will require MedXPROs to:1) develop safe and effective exercise protocols for individual medical conditions; 2) utilize and report functional outcome measures; 3) document client progress and 4) communicate effectively with medical professionals. These are just a few of the skills needed to apply this new modality - Medical Exercise Training. 

If you want to pursue a career as a medical exercise professional visit Download and read "Medical Exercise Training.....The New Modality" by clicking here

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Medical Exercise Training.....The New Modality - Part 1


Medical Exercise Training (MET) is here to stay. It’s the new modality in managing medical conditions. If you are a fitness professionals and would like to develop the skills and knowledge to use exercise to enhance the function of clients with medical conditions join us and start "Bridging the Gap Between Health Care and Fitness" by becoming a Medical Exercise Specialist. Go to for details. Click here to learn more about Medical Exercise Training....The New Modality.

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Happy Thanksgiving!!


Happy Thanksgiving!! Have a great day. Eat, drink and be merry!!

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Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist is Coming!!


Medical Exercise Professionals will see greater usage and need over the next 20 years. As the need grows so will the need for a higher skills set and level of knowledge/understanding. The Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Residency is the next step in your Medical Exercise Specialist education. The AMES will help you become the "MET Expert" in your community.

Here are some of the topics covered in the Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Residency

  • Manual Muscle Testing
  • Joint Goniometry and Range of Motion Testing
  • Gait Analysis and Biomechanics of the Gait Cycle
  • Medical History Procedures and Assessment
  • Neurological Assessment Procedures
  • Vital Signs Assessment and Procedures
  • Balance Assessment and Training Sequence
  • Short- and Long-Term Goal Assessment
  • Functional Outcome Measure Selection and Assessment
  • Functional Scale Assessment Procedures and Selection
  • Practice Management Systems

Soon we will provide more details and how to register for the residency. Put your name on the...

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Medical Exercise Training Survey


Medical Exercise Training (MET) is growing rapidly. This new profession needs as MedXPROs as possible to share their experiences, outcomes. successes, failures and challenges with others to grow our profession. MET will have a huge impact on health care and wellness of our planet over the next 20 years. Gathering information from MedXPROs in the field is vitally important. 

Please follow the link below and complete the METI Survey. This survey will ask you about your client base, the types of conditions you have managed, the outcomes you have achieved and the medical professionals you have received referrals from. Please take 15 minutes and complete the survey and help build our new profession!! 

Thank you!! Please follow the link below. 

Medical Exercise Training Survey

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