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Uncategorized Mar 10, 2023

The AMES Residency gives you access to our Professional Resources. These resources are specifically designed for medical exercise professionals. They will help you better manage your client, build your practice and connect with medical professionals. 

Register for our upcoming AMES Residency 2023. Its starts on April 20th. Once you register, you will receive immediate access to these resources through our MedXPRO Network. Even after completion of the residency, you can maintain access to Professional Resources through our MedXPRO Network. Included in the resources are:

  • Client Management Session Video Library
  • MAPPS - Medical Exercise Assessment Protocol and Progression System
  • MET Skills Checklists and Assessments
  • MES Masters Training Sessions
  • AMES Client Strategy Sessions
  • MedXPRO Network
  • MET Practice Management Training
  • AMES Case Studies


These are some of the resources you may use as part of the AMES Residency. Register now, the residency begins April 20th. Click HERE to register!!

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