What is "Medical Clearance"?...MET 101 eBook Tip 14


"MET 101 Ebook - Tip 14," goes deeper into the critical aspect of liabilities and the importance of “medical clearance” in the field of medical exercise training. This installment of the series underscores the responsibility of medical exercise professionals in ensuring client safety and the appropriateness of exercise programs. The video delves into the role these professionals play, acting as the last line of defense in identifying red flags even in clients who have been medically cleared for exercise. Through practical advice and examples, the video provides a comprehensive overview of how to navigate these complex situations effectively.


Key insights from the video include:


Medical Clearance Necessity: Stresses the importance of obtaining medical clearance from a physician, physical therapist, or chiropractor before starting any exercise program.

Identifying Red Flags: Highlights the crucial role of medical exercise professionals in spotting red flags that may indicate a client is not suitable for exercise, despite having medical clearance.

Communication with Medical Professionals: Discusses the importance of communicating with a client's referring medical professional to discuss exercise modifications or the need for further evaluation.

Documenting Discussions: Emphasizes the need for thorough documentation of all discussions regarding a client's exercise program and any modifications recommended or implemented.

Understanding Exercise Tolerance: Addresses how to manage exercise sessions for individuals with pain, focusing on building tolerance through slow and gradual progression.


"MET 101 Ebook Tip 14" is an essential resource for medical exercise professionals, offering valuable guidance on ensuring client safety and the effective management of exercise programs. The video highlights the delicate balance between following medical clearance and using professional judgment to identify when a client may not be ready for exercise. It reinforces the idea that while exercise is beneficial, it must be approached with caution and proper oversight, especially for clients with existing medical conditions. Download your FREE copy of the “MET101 eBook at www.met101ebook.com.


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