MET 101 Tip 21: "Transform Your MET Practice: Essential Programs for Success"


This video provides valuable insights into building a successful Medical Exercise (ME) practice, focusing on the types of programs to offer. This is Tip #21 from the MET 101 eBook, which aims to assist medical exercise professionals, fitness professionals, physical therapists, and chiropractors in enhancing their practices.

Dr. Jones highlights several essential programs for a Medical Exercise Training (MET) practice:

  • Dynamic Back School: Includes proper lifting mechanics, anatomy and pathology discussions, and supervised exercises for lumbar flexibility, stability, and strengthening.
  • Hypertension and Diabetes Program: Combines group training with lifestyle education to help clients manage their conditions effectively.

Additionally, Dr. Jones recommends several other programs to expand an ME practice:

  • Women's Fitness 101: Targets postnatal care and upper extremity strength, providing necessary support for new mothers.
  • Total Joint Replacement and Arthritis Training: Prepares...
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Launching a Career in Medical Exercise: A Guide for Aspiring Specialists


Starting a career as a Medical Exercise Specialist (MES) involves more than just completing your certification. It’s about strategically building a foundation that not only establishes you as a professional, but also sets the stage for opening your own medical exercise facility. Here's how you can begin this exciting journey:

1. Gain Experience and Build Expertise

Diverse work environments such as hospitals, outpatient clinics, and wellness centers provide invaluable experiences that help you understand the various applications of medical exercise. Specializing in areas as orthopedics, neurology, or cardiovascular rehabilitation can also make you indispensable to specific conditions and referring physicians.

2. Strengthen Education and Credentials

Continuous learning is key. Stay abreast of the latest research and trends by attending workshops, seminars, and obtaining advanced certifications. These could include specializations in nutrition, older adult fitness, or...

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10 Essentials Skills Every Medical Exercise Professional Should Master

Uncategorized Jun 17, 2024

As a Medical Exercise Specialist, mastering a diverse skill set is essential to providing the highest quality service and achieving the best outcomes for your clients. These ten essential skills are the foundation of a successful career in medical exercise training:


  1. Client Assessment and Screening

The cornerstone of effective medical exercise training is a thorough client assessment and screening process. This includes understanding the client's medical history, current physical condition, and specific functional deficits. Being proficient in various assessment tools and techniques ensures you can develop safe and effective exercise programs tailored to each client's unique situation.


  1. Exercise Program Design

Creating personalized exercise programs requires a deep understanding of anatomy, pathology, exercise physiology, biomechanics, and kinesiology. Medical exercise professionals must design programs that address the specific medical conditions of their clients...

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The True Measure of a Medical Exercise Professional: Consistency and Competence


The True Measure of a Medical Exercise Professional: Consistency and Competence

In recent years, the fitness industry has seen a proliferation of certifications for medical exercise, medical fitness, and post-rehabilitation. The growing demand for highly qualified medical exercise professionals is undeniable. However, the critical question arises: are these certifications, and the individuals who obtain them, truly prepared to work in conjunction with medical professionals and manage medical conditions through exercise?

Since its inception in 1994, the Medical Exercise Training Institute has been at the forefront of providing comprehensive medical exercise and post-rehabilitation education. METI has highlighted six essential competencies medical exercise professionals must master to deliver effective and safe exercise management.

The Six Must-Have Competencies

  1. Competence in Medical Exercise Sciences: Understanding a wide range of medical conditions is crucial. A medical exercise...
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The AMES Manual is HERE!!


Thanks for purchasing the AMES Manual - Hard Copy. Please click the image below to access the Professional  Resources.


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Discover the Essential AMES Manual for Medical Exercise Specialists


Are you ready to elevate your medical exercise training practice? Introducing the Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist (AMES) Manual, a comprehensive resource designed to equip you with the essential protocols, guidelines, and skills needed to deliver top-notch medical exercise services. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting, this manual is a game-changer for your practice.

What's Inside the AMES Manual?

  • Extensive Content: With over 1,200 pages, the AMES Manual covers everything from protocols and assessment guidelines to sample documentation forms and medical exercise programs. It’s your go-to reference for managing medically-based clients effectively.
  • Resource Library Access: Gain access to a library of step-by-step videos demonstrating procedures for assessing range of motion, strength, and functional capabilities. These resources ensure you perform assessments accurately and confidently.
  • Function-Focused Training: The manual emphasizes improving clients'...
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Opening Your Medical Exercise Training Practice - MET 101 Tip 20


MET 101 Tip 20: Opening Your Medical Exercise Training Practice

Hello, Medical Exercise Professionals! In our latest video, Dr. Mike Jones dives into the exciting topic of establishing your own medical exercise training (MET) practice. Whether you're just starting out or looking to expand, here are some key takeaways from Tip #20 in our MET 101 series.

Explore Your Options:

  1. Solo Practitioner: Many MET professionals begin their journey as solo practitioners, often providing services from their homes or at clients' locations. This low-cost, flexible option allows you to build a solid client base and develop essential referral relationships.
  2. Home Studios: Transforming a part of your home into a dedicated MET studio can be an excellent way to manage overhead costs while providing a professional space for clients. Glenn Foley's successful home studio in Mississauga, Ontario, is a great example.
  3. Commercial Space: Leasing a commercial space offers greater flexibility and the potential...
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10 Reasons to Get the Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Manual


The Medical Exercise Training Institute is happy to announce the release of the Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Manual (AMES Manual), the ultimate solution for medical exercise training (MET) professionals who often find themselves as the "Lone Ranger" managing complex exercise clients with little support and few resources tailored to their needs.


The challenges of addressing the unique requirements of MET clients are significant, and without comprehensive guidelines and protocols, achieving effective, evidence-based outcomes can be daunting. The AMES Manual fills this critical gap by offering a wealth of easy-to-reference, detailed information designed to streamline your practice and enhance your professionalism. Empower yourself with proven systems and standards that ensure you are never alone in delivering exceptional MET services. Here are the “Top 10 Reasons” to purchase the AMES Manual.


  1. MET is Growing & Here to Stay
    • Join a thriving and...
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The Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist Manual is HERE!!



We are thrilled to announce the release of our new Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist (AMES) Manual. This comprehensive reference manual is an essential resource for medical exercise professionals, offering detailed guidelines, protocols, and step-by-step procedures to effectively manage clients with medical conditions through exercise.

Key Highlights of the AMES Manual:

  • Comprehensive Resource: With 1,200 pages of in-depth content, the manual provides everything you need to manage medically-based clients. It includes ME protocols, assessment guidelines, documentation forms, and sample programs.
  • Practical and Accessible: Designed as a reference manual, it offers easy access to vital information without the format of a traditional textbook.
  • Enhanced Learning: Purchase of the manual includes access to a resource library with instructional videos on various techniques like manual muscle testing and functional assessment scales.
  • Special Launch Price: For the...
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MET 101 eBook Tip 19 - Embracing the Scope and Efficacy of MET


Embracing the Scope and Efficacy of Medical Exercise Training

In the latest installment of our Medical Exercise Training (MET) 101 eBook series, "MET 101 Tip 19” provides a summary of the number of MET sessions per week for a few of the most common medical conditions. The video not only underscores the importance of MET but also emphasizes its strategic role in achieving optimal functional levels in clients.

Understanding the MET Framework

Medical Exercise Training is a specialized exercise service designed not as a perpetual intervention but as a temporary measure to enhance a client's functional capacity. The ultimate goal is transitioning clients back to personal or group exercise routines under professional supervision, once they have achieved their optimal level of function.

Guidelines for Session Frequency

 Arthritic Clients: The journey begins with 1-2 sessions per week, focusing on enhancing strength and flexibility, with adjustments made in increased frequency...

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