Medical Exercise Training.....11 Myths and Misconceptions - Part 2


Hello Medical Exercise Specialists we are back for part 2 of "11 Medical Exercise Training Myths and Misconceptions".  Yesterday we noted 6 of the 11 Myths. They are: 1) Medical Professionals Recognize Fitness Certifications; 2) Doctors Dont Know Exercise and Won’t Refer; 3) Medical Exercise Training is Basically Corrective Exercise; 4) I Don’t Need to Speak with Medical Professionals; 5) Medical Exercise Training Does the Same Thing as PT and Chiropractic; and 6) Medical Exercise Training is Best Done in a Large Fitness Facility. The myths we will review today are:

7) Insurance Carriers Won't Pay for MET Services - insurance carriers have reimbursed for MET services. But make sure you are very clear to the insurance carrier, the client and the physician and medical professionals of your credentials, title and you are offering "medical exercise training" not any form of medical treatment or therapy services;

8) I Don't Need to Market to Medical Professionals - this...

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Medical Exercise Success - Day 21


Medical Exercise Specialists it's day 21 of "40 Days to Medical Exercise Success". Yesterday we asked clients to share their reasons why they use your services. Or the functional solution you provided for them. Ask and note these in the client's own words. 

Today let's take those solutions and craft them into blog posts. Please don't use the client's name but you can say a "72 year old male with a total knee replacement" or a "59 year old grandmother with diabetes". This allows the reader of your blog to relate better, especially if they have the condition. Clients, searching the Internet for medical solutions, are only looking for what's in it for themselves. The closer the story is to their condition the more they will relate and inquire about your services.

Develop 10 blog posts with your clients' solutions. WIth each of these develop a short 1 - 2 minute video. Video is still king but a written blog post definitely helps with SEO. 

Avoid missing any of the "40 Days"...

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Medical Exercise Success - Day 3


This is day 3 of "40 Days to Medical Exercise Success". This video reviews establishing "clarity" as you begin building your MET practice. Over the last 25+  years teaching the Medical Exercise Specialist workshop I have coached many students making the transition from personal training to MET. Lack of clarity is one of the major obstacles to building a MET successful practice. This video explores the importance of gaining "clarity" to build your practice.

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Medical Exercise Success - Day 2


Medical Exercise Success....this is the second in our 40 Days to Medical Exercise Success video series. Committing to medical exercise training is a must if you want to build a MET practice. This video will discuss the "commitment".

Making the switch from fitness/personal training to MET is a challenge and requires effort. Fitness has paid your bills for years. You understand the clients, how to market yourself and sell sessions. Now you have to switch gears and market to medical professionals and their patients. It's challenging to say the least.

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Medical Exercise Training Guidelines for Common Conditions - Frequency, Duration, # Sessions


A common question asked by new Medical Exercise Specialists is..."how many sessions should this client need"? Restoring function can be very challenging and may requuire more sessions than the average "fitness" client. In this video we give some guidelines on MET sessions, frequency and duration for common conditions. 

  1. Total Hip Replacement - 2x/week - 6 - 8 weeks
  2. Total Knee Replacment - 3x/week - 8 weeks
  3. Lumbar Disc Herniation - 2x/week - 12 weeks
  4. Rotator Cuff Tear - 2x/week - 6 weeks
  5. ACL Reconstruction - 2-3x/week - 8 weeks
  6. Knee Meniscus Tear - 2x/week - 6 weeks
  7. HTN or DM - 2 - 3x/week - Ongoing


These are general guidelines. Depending on the client's level of involvement and the feedback from the medical professional the frequency, duration and number of MET sessions may change. 

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Medical Exercise Training Documentation.....The 8 Forms You Must Have!!


Every Medical Exercise Training (MET) session must be documented. The documentation must be maintained in a secure place. There are 8 forms you should have and maintain on each of your clients. These forms are essential for every MET client. These forms include:

  1. Client Intake/Demographic Form
  2. Medical History Form
  3. Medical Release of Information Form
  4. Release of Liability Form
  5. MET Screening Form
  6. MET Progress Report Form
  7. MET Referral/Medical Clearance Form
  8. Training Agreement/Contract

These forms are now available for your MET practice. Customize the MET forms with your practice contact information (name, contact info and logo). Go to to order.

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Medical Exercise Training.......The New Modality


Medical Exercise Training (MET) is the New Modality to manage medical conditions. Exercise is the missing modality in many medical management plans. This five-part video series will review the importance of this emerging modality and how it may be used to manage our chronic disease crisis. Click the “play” button below to watch. 

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