Medical Exercise Training.....11 Myths and Misconceptions - Part 2


Hello Medical Exercise Specialists we are back for part 2 of "11 Medical Exercise Training Myths and Misconceptions".  Yesterday we noted 6 of the 11 Myths. They are: 1) Medical Professionals Recognize Fitness Certifications; 2) Doctors Dont Know Exercise and Won’t Refer; 3) Medical Exercise Training is Basically Corrective Exercise; 4) I Don’t Need to Speak with Medical Professionals; 5) Medical Exercise Training Does the Same Thing as PT and Chiropractic; and 6) Medical Exercise Training is Best Done in a Large Fitness Facility. The myths we will review today are:

7) Insurance Carriers Won't Pay for MET Services - insurance carriers have reimbursed for MET services. But make sure you are very clear to the insurance carrier, the client and the physician and medical professionals of your credentials, title and you are offering "medical exercise training" not any form of medical treatment or therapy services;

8) I Don't Need to Market to Medical Professionals - this is an interesting comment I hear occasionally. This usually comes from medical exercise professionals fearful of presenting to physicians and therapists;

9) MET is Just Strength Training for Medical Clients - another concerning idea. Yes, strength training is one of the core concepts in MET but simply strength training...MET is not. Understanding clinical anatomy/pathology, MET assessment and protocols are important parts of managing medical conditions with exercise. It's not simply strength training;

10) Everything I Need is in Fitness Journals - medical exercise professional must move beyond fitness journals and conferences for their education. Attendance at workshops and conventions designed for physical therapists, chiropractors, physicians, athletic trainers, etc is important as this new profession grows;

and 11) I'm Only a Trainer Medical Professionals Won't Listen to Me - Americans and Canadians are paying more attention to their health and lifestyle management. With that medical professionals are beginning to loosen their control over patient management. The physician now has to listen to hisor her patients as well other professionals including Medical Exercise Specialists. MedXPROs offer an important component to chronic disease management......EXERCISE!! As a Medical Exercise Specialist you are uniquely trained and knowledgeable in this area....step into the role and become part of the medical management team. Speak up and share your expertise. 


Hopefully the review of these myths and misconceptions will help clarify your role as a Medical Exercise Specialist. Please contact me at [email protected] with your thoughts and comments on this post. Please subscribe to our blog at to avoid missing any post rehab tips. 

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