Medical Exercise Specialist...Bridge the Gap with Total Knee Replacements

Medical Exercise joint replacements will become a bigger part of your practices over the next 20 years. I worked with a very special client, my brother Cornell, after his total knee replacement. The number of total knee replacements performed is estimated at 720,000 per year. These clients, if there are no major post-operative complications, will go through a brief bout of physical therapy. After which they are prime candidates for medical exercise training (MET) to increase strength, maintain or improve ROM/flexiblity, enhance joint stability and overall restore function. Every total joint replacement client needs MET in some form or fashion.
In this 4-part video series I will offer a few points regarding transitioning a total knee replacement client from physical therapy to MET. Thanks to my brother, Cornell Jones, for his participation. For the full video series as well as information on becoming a Medical Exercise Specialist subscribe below to our blog. 

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