Medical Exercise Training Guidelines for Common Conditions - Frequency, Duration, # Sessions


A common question asked by new Medical Exercise Specialists is..."how many sessions should this client need"? Restoring function can be very challenging and may requuire more sessions than the average "fitness" client. In this video we give some guidelines on MET sessions, frequency and duration for common conditions. 

  1. Total Hip Replacement - 2x/week - 6 - 8 weeks
  2. Total Knee Replacment - 3x/week - 8 weeks
  3. Lumbar Disc Herniation - 2x/week - 12 weeks
  4. Rotator Cuff Tear - 2x/week - 6 weeks
  5. ACL Reconstruction - 2-3x/week - 8 weeks
  6. Knee Meniscus Tear - 2x/week - 6 weeks
  7. HTN or DM - 2 - 3x/week - Ongoing


These are general guidelines. Depending on the client's level of involvement and the feedback from the medical professional the frequency, duration and number of MET sessions may change. 

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