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Starts January 5th, 2023

The Medical Exercise Training Institute (METI) is excited to announce our new Medical Exercise Specialist Masters Training Series beginning January 5th, 2023. The MES Masters is for medical exercise professionals committed to building a profitable practice as well as growing our fantastic new profession – “medical exercise training” (MET). The MES Masters offers a unique approach to MET education – “client case study presentations”. The Masters series brings together MET experts, leaders and innovators to share their expertise, strategies and techniques in client management, practice building and connecting with medical professionals. Using case studies will allow participants to see the full circle of client and practice management necessary to build a successful MET practice. This series is designed to enhance your Mastery, Expertise, and Credibility.  

We know medical exercise professionals are working with more complicated clients due to cutbacks in insurance coverage for physical therapy (PT), occupational therapy (OT), and other rehab services. The Masters' case study presentations will give you a chance to learn advanced skills and training concepts from MET subject matter experts including physicians, therapists, business coaches, and successful MES practice owners.

What is the MES Masters Series?




Each Masters case study is presented by the client’s Medical Exercise Specialist or medical professional. Dr Mike is the moderator to make sure you get all the details, so you know exactly what to do with your MET client. The case study presentation will review x-rays, MRI reports, lab values, etc. This gives you a clear picture of the client, their deficits and exactly what you need to assess. The MES presenter will review and perform the key MET assessment procedures, the program goals, and demonstrate the specific exercises necessary for the client’s condition. This is done using the METI Case Study Presentation outline.

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The Masters series will present the case studies using live webinars and recordings, in addition, the MedXPRO Network professional resources will provide step-by-step videos of MET assessment techniques including muscle testing, goniometry, special joint testing, functional assessment scales as well as practice management guidelines.


Who Are the MES Masters?


What the MES Masters Includes


The MedXPRO Network, the home of the MES Masters, is an online professional community for METI Medical Exercise Specialists, Post Rehab Conditioning Specialists and Medical Exercise Program Directors. The Network is designed to give medical exercise professionals advanced tools in client management and practice building. The Network doesn’t push more certifications but is a community to build your foundation as a medical exercise professional as well as your practice. The MES Masters is open to any medical exercise professional on the globe with a certification in personal training. 

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Each Masters participant will receive the AMES Training Guide & Protocols eManual. This digital manual has 1130 pages of MET information, guidelines, assessment, protocols, and forms. This manual is only for the serious MedXPRO. This manual alone is worth $500. If you register for the MES Masters before December 23rd, you receive the AMES eManual free with your registration. This eManual gives step-by-step procedures for advanced MET assessment skills, protocols and guidelines.

There’s nothing like AMES eManual available anywhere for medical exercise professionals. Since the AMES manual is digital, as a MedXPRO Network member, you will receive updates including new sections, protocols, guidelines, and video trainings. The AMES e-Manual contains everything you need for the MES Masters session and to manage your challenging clients.  

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Register now for MES Masters!


Join the MES Master Series now! We kick off the Masters on January 5th, 2023! Become an early bird member and save on your registration and monthly subscription fees! The MES Masters is like nothing you've seen before!

Join the MES Mastersand pay just $199 a registration fee and only $49 for monthly access to the MES Masters. The monthly fee includes two MES Master sessions per month, a monthly practice management and development session, and a monthly office hour session. Dr Mike (the founder of the MES certification) will lead the office hours, during which you may ask questions about your clients, medical conditions, practice marketing techniques and revenue generation strategies for your business. There's nothing like this available for medical exercise professionals on the planet!

You'll learn more in the Master Series than you would in 20 years of learning on your own. The Master's presenters are some of the best medical exercise professionals in the world and they've all built successful practices. They will share their secrets, tips, and the little tricks that make a difference for a client, for your business, and with medical professionals.

Medical exercise training will continue to grow well into the 2040s! Do you have the mastery, expertise, and credibility to build a successful business, communicate with doctors and therapists, and train the most complicated mat clients? If you want the mastery to train any medical condition, the expertise to build a practice, and the credibility to develop relationships with medical professionals?  Then join the MES Master Series today!!!

Register Now!!

$49 Monthly Fee

MedXPRO Network Registration - $199