Medical Exercise Professional Ethics Course


As our industry grows, we are faced with the challenge of maintaining a unified standard of excellence. This requires a clear understanding of how we are expected to conduct ourselves as reputable Certified Medical Exercise Professionals.


This course outlines 30 specific Ethical Standards for Medical Exercise Professionals that clarify those expectations, and provides practical examples of ways to apply them in a wide range of scenarios you will likely encounter during your tenure in this profession.


The course includes:

    • 30 Ethical Standards for Medical Exercise Professionals
    • In-depth discussions of their real world application
    • Competency questions (which will be submitted to the Medical Exercise Training Institute, and kept on file).


Course completion time is 90-120 minutes.


Beginning March 2022, this course is mandatory for METI MES, PRCS and/or MEPD renewal. 


Course Cost $39

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