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October 20 - 23, 2022


We will broadcast the AMES Workshop live from Medical Fitness Pros (MFP) of Katy, TX - October 20 - 23, 2022. MFP is one of the first facilities dedicated solely to medical exercise training. Since 2012, when it opened its doors, MFP has provided the best in MET services to the Houston community and medical professionals.

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Every indicator says…..Medical Exercise Training will grow well into 2030’s…are you ready??

Join us for the 4-day VIRTUAL AMES workshop and get the advanced skills/knowledge you need to grow your MET practice.  REGISTER NOW and learn from the comfort of your home or studio!!! 


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Advanced MES Case Study

We will use case studies in the AMES workshop to present advanced techniques and concepts. Our AMES first case study looks at Mrs. Jacobs. A client referred following a left total hip replacement along with congestive heart failure, hypertension and patello-femoral syndrome. The first workshop session will review how to take a thorough medical history as a MES. Here's our first case study:

  • Mrs. Jacobs is 79 y.o. female referred after L THR
  • L THR - 4 mths ago (cement/anterior approach)
  • Independent with walker and stairclimbing
  • HX of CHF, HTN & knee arthroscopy 1987 with PFS
  • BP - 148/94; TT - 98.6; RR - 22; HR - 92; O2 - 96
  • Meds: Beta blocker for HTN; high cholesterol med; NSAID
  • Follow-up with Ortho in 10 days
  • Follow-up with Cardiologist on 31st

We will teach you how to take a detailed medical history rather using the PAR-Q. The AMES workshop will give you the ability to identify and use:

1. Red Flags
2. Vital Signs
3. Functional Outcome Measures
4. Muscle Testing
5. Goniometry
6. Balance and Gait

These components are used to determine if the client is appropriate for exercise (should be referred back to physical or occupational therapy or a physician) as well as the basis for a safe and effective MET program. These MET skills are just a few of the more than 52 reviewed in the AMES Virtual workshop.

These skills will help you make the transition from personal trainer to Medical Exercise Specialist. And start MANAGING MEDICAL CONDTIONS WITH EXERCISE...rather than just giving a client with a medical condition an exercise program. The AMES workshop will help you transition from personal trainer to Medical Exercise Specialist. Register below. 



1 Payment - $500



2 Payments - $250



4 Payments - $125