Medical Exercise Specialist Podcast Spotlight - Abby Dixson, MES


Good morning MedXPROs!! Check out our new podcast episode as we spotlight Abby Dixson, MES of Laurel, MD. Abby attended the first MES workshop in 1994. Since then, she has built a strong practice with referrals from physical therapists and physicians. Subscribe to our podcast at

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MedXPRO Network is BACK and BETTER!!


Hello Medical Exercise Specialists!! The MedXPRO Network (MXP)  is back and better!! We have upgraded the MXP platform, enhanced the online community and added more content to help you grow your MET skills and business. The MedXPRO Network is the only online community specifically to assist you in building your practice. 

We have a number of professional resources, an online forum, training videos and downloadable manuals you won't find anywhere else. Here's a partial list of the MedXPRO Resources.


We are offering our inaugural pricing thru September 9th for all METI MESs, PRCSs, MEPDs and MES-As. Go to to get registered or for more details. 

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MES Masters - 6-Point Client Management System - April 27th


Join us for our 9th MES Masters session on April 27th at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT. In this session, we will apply the 6 Point MET Client Management system to a case study. The step-by-step application of the 6-point system may be helpful as you move from personal training to Medical Exercise Training. Use the link below to join!!


Password: MESMasters

Join us!!

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Medical Exercise Training....Our Next Steps


What are the next steps for our new profession - Medical Exercise Training? Medical Exercise Training is growing rapidly, receiving greater recognition and moving closer to insurance reimbursement. With this growth and acceptance, we must step back and think carefully about our "Next Steps" to avoid the pitfalls made by some medical professionals. In this session, Dr. Mike discussed some of these next steps and concerns for the future of MET.

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AMES Residency 2023 is Starting Soon!!


The Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist (AMES) Residency 2023 starts April 20th. This is a one-year deep dive into all aspects of medical exercise training (MET). The AMES uses 3 learning components to provide you with the mastery and expertise to establish credibility with medical professionals and your clients.


The learning components include 1) AMES Client Management Sessions; 2) Professional Resources and 3) our 4-day onsite workshops. We will review each of these components in later blog posts. To learn more and register for the AMES Residency 2023 go to Early bird registration rates are available thru April 1st. 

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8 MET Documentation Guidelines


Medical Exercise Specialists now must document the exercises/activities which occur during a MET training session. MET documentation may be shared with physicians, therapists, and insurance carriers. There are 8 MET documentation guidelines every MedXPRO must follow. These MET documentation guidelines include:

  1. Accurately document session details
  2. Note exercises/activities & reactions
  3. Note sets, reps, intensity & duration
  4. Note any pre-exercise complaints
  5. Note ROM, strength, functional changes
  6. Use goniometric and strength measures
  7. Use FOMs to show progress
  8. Note recommendations for next session


There is no avoiding it, insurance reimbursement is coming, and with it necessary MET documentation. The MET Documentation & Communication workshop will review and explain MET documentation guidelines and systems in the course. MET DOC-COM begins Saturday, February 4th at 10 am ET. Register now at

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8 Forms Every Medical Exercise Specialist Needs


Medical Exercise Specialists must now document and communicate their services to physicians, therapists, and insurance carriers. In this segment, Dr. Mike reviews the 8 essential forms every MedXPRO needs to manage their practice. These forms are included in the registration for the MET Documentation & Communication workshop. Each form is personalized with your contact information in the header.

The MET Documentation & Communication workshop begins Saturday, February 4th at 11am ET. Register now at


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Congratulations to the 2022 AMES Residency Graduates

CONGRATULATIONS to our Advanced Medical Exercise Specialist (AMES) Residency 2022 graduates. This is our second class of graduates. The AMES residency is a year-long intensive deep dive into managing medical conditions using exercise. This AMES class started in March 2022 and concluded in January 2023. Each resident completed the 26 AMES Client Management Sessions, the 4-day AMES hands-on workshop as well as the presentation of a detailed MET client case study to their peers.


The 2022 AMES graduating class includes:
Adrian Fournier, MES-A - Toronto, ON
Jason Generose, MES-A - Pasadena, CA
Justin Hibbert, MES-A - Houston, TX
Wendy Larkin, MES-A - San Francisco, CA
Sheryl Oeferting, MES-A - Middletown Township, NJ
Alana Rushenberg, MES-A - Tulsa, OK
Kathleen Stone, MES-A - Hopkinton, MA

I would like to congratulate and thank each of our AMES residents for their commitment to the residency and their dedication to our new profession – “Medical Exercise...

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Medical Exercise Specialists.....Do You Dread Paperwork?


Medical Exercise Specialists do you dread the idea of writing down each and every exercise, set, and rep in your client’s training session? Do you hate the idea of writing letters to physicians, therapists or insurance carriers? If you said yes, then you should attend the Medical Exercise Training Documentation and Communication (MET DOC-COM) workshop beginning February 4th.

Medical Exercise Specialists and post rehab professionals will soon have to document every training session and communicate with medical professionals the client’s progress. At best, documentation and communication are challenging, boring, and sometimes a pain, but these are necessary skills every MES must have.


You Can Manage the Paperwork

In the MET DOC-COM workshop, you will learn how to document your MET assessments and sessions with your clients. You will also learn how to communicate with medical professionals and even insurance companies. We will also review the components required in...

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The MES Masters Has Started!!


Hello everyone.....the MES Masters has started!! This is a one-of-a-kind program for medical exercise professionals. In the MES Masters Medical Exercise Specialists from around the world present their most challenging clients and share their assessment, exercise, and progression strategies. This allows you to see and learn what others are doing and helps you better "manage medical conditions using exercise". Join us today for the MES Masters at

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