What Conditions are Covered in the MES Masters

Below is a partial list of the medical conditions reviewed in the Medical Exercise Specialist Masters Training Series. MedXPROs from around the world will present their most challenging MET clients. This means we will see a little bit of EVERYTHING in the MES Masters. 


You will learn and see far more conditions than we can list. The great thing about medical exercise training is its far reach. Every client with a medical condition can benefit from medical exercise training. With the changes we are seeing with insurance reimbursement, the need for MET will grow tremendously over the next two decades.



The MES Masters is the best option available for a MedXPRO to see a wide range of clients without working in a medical facility.


Join the MES Masters today and expand your medical exercise skill and knowledge base so you can manage medical conditions using exercise. Click the link below to join. Our MES Masters early bird registration expires on Friday, December 23rd at 11:59 pm.



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