Medical Exercise Training is All About Function - MET 101 Ebook Tip 3


In the third installment of the MET 101 ebook series, Dr. Mike brings to light an essential aspect of Medical Exercise Training (MET) - its focus on function. This video is a crucial watch for professionals in the medical exercise field, offering deep insights into the evolving landscape of healthcare and the role of MET in enhancing functional recovery.

Understanding the Focus on Function in MET

Addressing Residual Functional Deficits: With insurance carriers reducing the number of physical therapy sessions, many clients are discharged before reaching optimal functional levels. MET steps in to manage these residual functional deficits.

The Function Wheel: Dr. Mike introduces the 'function wheel,' which encompasses nine key components of function, including range of motion, flexibility, strength, coordination, power, joint stability, endurance, proprioception, balance, and cognitive capabilities.


Impact of MET on Various Conditions: The video highlights how exercise can significantly improve functional components impaired by injury, surgery, or medical conditions, such as stroke, hip replacement, MS, or back pain.

Enhance your understanding by visiting to download your free copy of the Medical Exercise Training 101 EBook. This resource is essential for anyone looking to deepen their knowledge and skills in MET.

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