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The Medical Exercise Program Director Training Series (MEPDTS), offered by the Medical Exercise Training Institute (METI), represents the highest-level certification in the field. It addresses the increasing demand for specialized medical exercise programs for baby boomers and those with chronic medical conditions. The Medical Exercise Program Director’s (MEPD) role is pivotal in developing, and marketing medical exercise facilities, acting as a liaison between these facilities and the medical community as well as leadership and management of the medical exercise/post-rehab program/facility.

The MEPD certification equips candidates with advanced knowledge and skills in various areas including ergonomics, senior fitness, pharmacology, and advanced medical exercise assessment and progression. The program entails two major projects and 20 hours of observation in a rehab setting. It goes beyond the expertise provided by the Medical Exercise Specialist (MES) or Post Rehab Conditioning Specialist (PRCS) certifications, offering additional skills necessary to develop, manage, market, and operate a profitable medical exercise practice in any setting.

The training includes a series of MEPD comprehensive education modules that cover clinical aspects, MED-Fit assessments, and MET practice management. These modules range from advanced post-rehab guidelines for all joints and regions to the essentials of ergonomics, pharmacology, and senior fitness, and from medical exercise documentation to strategies for maximizing profits with MET clients.

Prerequisites for the MEPD certification include completion of MES or PRCS certifications, or holding a certification as a corrective exercise specialist, medical fitness specialist, or athletic trainer. Certification requirements involve reviewing and completing clinical modules, homework assignments from the METS practice management modules, developing a business plan for a medical exercise/post-rehab facility, and delivering a presentation on a related topic to a live audience. Additionally, after the MEPD Training Series, each MEPD student will participate in a 90-minute one-on-one "Practice Checklist/Marketing Review" coaching session to help you clarify how you will set up and manage your MET practice.

This comprehensive training series equips professionals with the tools and knowledge to effectively contribute to the evolving field of medical exercise, meeting the needs of a diverse client population and establishing successful practices.

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