Medical Exercise Practice Management Systems


Elevate your medical exercise practice with the implementation of 10 essential practice management systems. These systems are designed to ensure a smooth, efficient, and effective outcome-oriented enterprise. 

  1. Operations: This system covers all aspects of practice maintenance, equipment, IT/computers, and physical plant. Operations ensures a well-maintained and equipped practice. 
  2. Assessment: From initial assessments to reassessments and assessment procedures including functional scales, range of motion, and muscle testing, this system manages every aspect of the MET assessment from forms used to documentation to step-by-step procedures. 
  3. Client Management: This covers the direct delivery of medical exercise training services and assessments to clients, as well as lifestyle education, group training, and auxiliary services offered. 
  4. Scheduling: This system efficiently manages client appointments both online and via phone, allowing seamless access to schedules for medical exercise professionals, supervising staff, and clients. 
  5. Billing: Billing for medical exercise services, including direct billing to clients and insurance billing, must comply with guidelines and procedures under this system. Payment methods and collection of fees fall under this system.  
  6. Staffing/Education: This encompasses hiring, staff evaluation, promotions, and continuing education for medical exercise professionals. We could say this system functions as “human resources”. 
  7. Marketing: Covers all aspects of promoting practice services through various channels, including print media, online media, and in-person engagements, with a focus on Internet and social media marketing. Marketing is based on the practice’s “target client”. 
  8. Documentation: Recording and archiving all client services in compliance with HIPAA guidelines, this system ensures safe storage and protection of client records. This system dictates what will be documented, how, and when it will be documented. As well as what forms are used. Each staff member must be proficient with documentation and HIPAA guidelines.  
  9. Medical Relations: This system provides guidelines for communication and relationship development with referring medical professionals. This system establishes a target marketing list of medical professionals to avoid a “shotgun” approach with a marketing plan for each physician and/or therapist.  
  10. Communications: This system covers all external communications. HIPAA guidelines must be maintained to ensure privacy, including signed medical release forms before sharing client records. All staff members must adhere strictly to the practice communication guidelines.


A successful medical exercise training practice relies on robust in-house practice management systems. Periodically review and update these systems for efficiency, as they are a major component that transforms a medical exercise training business into a medical exercise training practice. 


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