Medical Exercise Client Management System - Part 5


Medical Exercise Specialists this is the 5th in our series of videos reviewing "MET - Client Management Systems". Prior to this video we discussed the initial contact, the MET assessment and post assessment phases of client management. We also briefly discussed scheduling the client. Click here to review for guidelines on sessions and frequency for common conditions seen in a MET setting.

In this video we will review the MET training session portion of the client management system. The MET session should begin with just a quick assessment interview with the client regarding their status. This could be a simple question such as "how did you do after our last session"?

You should have goals for the each MET session. The session goal(s) should relate back to the "functional deficits" identified in the assessment as well as the short and long term goals established in the post assessment phase. 

Blood pressure and heart rate are important vital signs to review with every new MET client as well as continuing clients. Blood pressure, heart rate and blood glucose (only for diabetic clients) should be taken for new clients. The diabetic client should check their own blood glucose level. For the diabetic client blood glucose levels should be reviewed at the start of each session. Hypertensive clients must have their blood pressure measureed and recorded at the start of each session. 

Warm up the MET client just as you would with any fitness client. Pay attention to heart rate and blood pressure. Then train the client using activities to improve function and reach the short and long term goals. Strength, cardiovascular, stability, flexibility and balance activities are part of the MET session. All exercises should focus on the client's critical job demands and improvement of function. 

Finally, document each MET session. Document both subjective and objective findings. Documentation is a pain but it is a must to protect yourself as well as assuring continuity if you must pass a client on to another Medical Exercise Specialist. The MET forms necessary to document and manage your practice are available at

In our next client management video we will discuss the details and importance of the MET progress report. Please subscribe to our blog to avoid missing the next MET Client Management video. 

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