7 Steps to Start Your Medical Exercise Training Practice


This is the first of our FREE METI Webinar Series. This first webinar looks at "7 Steps to Building a MET Practice in Any Setting" led by Dr. Mike. This session goes in-depth into how to begin the process of starting a MET practice in any setting. 

Key Webinar Highlights: 

  • Introduction to MET: Learn about Medical Exercise Training, a pioneering approach that fills the gap between healthcare and fitness, focusing on safe, effective exercise programs for individuals with medical conditions. 
  • 7 Steps to Success: Dr. Mike will outline the "7 Steps to Starting Your MET Practice in Any Setting," derived from over 30 years of experience. Key steps include identifying medical referral sources, acquiring specialized training, and developing marketing strategies. 
  • Referral Relationships: Strategies to connect with medical professionals for referrals. 
  • Training and Certification: Insights on acquiring the necessary MET training beyond traditional fitness certifications. 
  • Marketing Your Practice: Tips for creating compelling marketing materials to attract clients and referrals. 
  • Signature MET Programs: Guidance on developing programs tailored to specific medical conditions. 
  • Outcome-Based Training: Emphasis on training for outcomes and building professional relationships through effective communication. 

Please download the session guide and click the "play button" to watch the recording. 


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