52 Essential Medical Exercise Training Skills.....How Good are You?


There are 52 essential skills every medical exercise professional (MedXPRO) must be competent and confident in performing. Below you will see a list of skills as well as a link to complete our MedXPRO Skills Checklist. Please when completing this checklist, consider as you provide your level of proficiency with each skill, "would your performance of the skill, if reviewed by a licensed medical professional, fall within the 4 grading categories we provide:

Level 1 - Never performed: You have never performed the stated task and have no experience with this type of skill.

Level 2 - Familiar with: You are familiar with the stated task; but you would need more experience and practice to feel comfortable and proficient in this type of skill.

Level 3 - Experienced in: You have performed the task several times, you feel moderately comfortable functioning independently, but would require a resource person nearby.

Level 4 - You have performed this task frequently; you feel comfortable and proficient in this skill; you would not require supervision or practice.

Click the link below to complete the checklist:


MedXPRO Skills Checklist

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