Medical Exercise Specialists -  Learn How & What to Document and Communicate

Whether you are a solo MET practitioner or own a MET facility - medical exercise documentation and communication are necessary skills. 

Every MedXPRO needs the skills taught in the MET DOC/COM workshop to build your practice. This is the first workshop to specifically review guidelines for documentation and communication for medical exercise professionals. 

Each participant receives access to the 3 DOC/COM sessions, recordings of each session; personalized copies of each of the 22 MET forms and membership in the MedXPRO Network. All for just $299!!

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February 4th

  • MET DOC-COM Components
  • MET DOC-COM Guidelines
  • MET DOC-COM System

February 18th

  • What to document?
  • How to document?
  • What to communicate?
  • How to communicate?

March 4th

  • Review all the MET forms
  • Your DOC-COM System
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1. MET Referral Form
2. Release of Information
3. Release of Liability
4. Medical History Form
5. MET Progress Report Form
6. MET Protocol Form 
7. Musculoskeletal Screening Forms
8. MET Training Session Log
9. Physician’s Release Form
10. Cervical Functional Assessment Form
11. Cervical Regional Assessment Form

12. Functional Status Index
13. Functional Neuro Assessment Form
14. Tinetti Balance/Gait Scale Form
15. Hip Regional Assessment Form
16. Elbow Regional Assessment Form
17. Knee Regional Assessment Form
18. Muscular Imbalance Form
19. Ankle Regional Assessment Form
20. Shoulder Regional Assessment Form
21. Lumbar Functional Assessment Form
22. Lumbar Regional Assessment Form

Each DOC-COM workshop participant receives all the MET forms. These forms are personalized with your business or personal contact information including business name, business address, phone, email and web address and fax number.  

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