Medical Exercise Training.....The New Modality - Part 4


Medical Exercise Specialists will become more important in the management of chronic disease over the next 20 years. The Medical Exercise Specialist (MES) program began in 1994 as an attempt to provide safe and effective exercise for patients discharged from physical therapy. Since 1994 the need for medical exercise/post rehab training has continued to grow.

The Medical Exercise Specialist is the new health professional. The MES has evolved beyond “personal trainer”. Completion of a thorough education in exercise management of medical conditions is required to obtain the title. Medical Exercise Specialists provided a wide range of services but never in an effort to replace licensed medical professionals. The role of the MES is to: 1) deliver safe and effective exercise for medical conditions; 2) effectively communicate with medical professionals; 3) document functional outcomes and 4) provide wellness and lifestyle education.  

The education necessary to fulfill this role should be detailed and comprehensive. Go to to get the education you need. Competent and confident medical exercise professionals are needed now more than ever before. Click here to see the entire “The New Modality” series.

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