Medical Exercise Training.....The New Modality - Part 3


Medical exercise training (MET) utilizes a “new fitness approach” to manage medical conditions using exercise. We know there must be a new approach to managing chronic medical conditions using exercise. Hypertension, diabetes, osteoarthritis, total joint replacements, low back pain and others are bankrupting health care systems around the world.

For fitness to have a significant and long-term impact on healthcare these changes must be implemented: 1) using specific functional outcome measures to gauge progress; 2) utilize a protocol-based approach to deliver of MET services for specific medical conditions; 3) determine number of session and duration of MET services; 4) establish a system of communication and documentation to share the results and progress of exercise programming with the medical community and 5) incorporate home exercise and lifestyle education into MET programming. These five points simply say…..MET is an extension of the services provided by physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, etc. MET does not take the place of these professionals but augments them. Every MedXPRO must be adequately trained in these areas to meet the needs of MET clients.

A wide range of orthopedic, cardiovascular, metabolic and neurological disorders benefit from MET services once PT and other services have been discontinued. The MedXPRO must be trained to step into this role and produce positive outcomes for their clients.

Go to for details on becoming a METI – Medical Exercise Specialist. Go to to watch the full Medical Exercise Training….New Modality series and download the white paper.

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