Medical Exercise Training Client Management System - Part 6


Medical Exercise Specialists a necessary component of the "MET Client Management System" the PROGRESS REPORT!! This is our 6th video in the MET Client Management System series. The progress report is one of the most important aspects of developing relationships with medical professionals. The progress report helps you demonstrate your professionalism and will set you apart from other personal trainers. 


The progress report should be completed and forwarded to the referring physician or therapist every 30 days or upon a follow up visit by the client. There is nothing more unprofessional for a Medical Exercise Specialist than receiving a referral from a medical professional and providing no progress report on the client's follow-up visit. The physician or therapist needs your input to assist with the development of the next phase of the client's care. 


A progress report should never exceed ONE PAGE! Medical professionals don't have time to read a novel. Report the client's status in these areas: 1) function; 2) strength; 3) flexibility/ROM; 4) stability; 5) endurance and 6) balance/coordination.  Notice pain is not included in this list. Pain is not objectively measured but personal trainers love to reference it. Be careful using pain as a gauge of the effectiveness of your exercise program. 


Make sure your progress report arrives before the client's follow-up visit. 30 days is the usual standard for follow-ups but sometimes it may be more or less. Your progress report gets into the client's chart and will be reviewed by a medical professional. This is what makes the progress report such an effective marketing tool.


In the progress report your plan or recommendations for the client's exercise programming. This may include aquatic exercise, an increase or decrease in exercise frequency or possibly a discontinuation of exercise. You are the medical exercise expert, share your recommendations. Medical professionals need your exercise recommendations. 


Within our METI - Medical Exercise Specialist Training we provide training on the keys to writing progress reports. This is an invaluable tool that every Medical Exercise Specialists needs. Click here for progress report examples. You will find a sample progress report form as well as a progress report narrative. Both are effective in reporting client progress. 


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