Medical Exercise Training Client Management System Pt 1 / 30 - 4 - 30 Episode 21


Medical Exercise Training Client Management System - We all know the need for medical exercise training (MET) will grow over the next 20 years. The transition to MET from personal training requires a more systematic approach to client management. This video briefly reviews the METI "Client Management System" taught in our MEPD program. This segment from our 30 - 4 - 30 series recorded in October 2018. 

MET client management has a number of components: 1) initial intake; 2) initial session; 3) assessment; 4) post assessment; 5) schedule; 6) the training session; and the 7) progress report. The system is based on identifying the client's functional deficits, determining the functional outcome measures (FOMs); recording/documenting outcomes, effectively training the client and reporting progress. 

Please share the client management system(s) you use in your practice. 

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