Medical Exercise Success - Day 24


It's day 24 of "40 Days to Medical Exercise Sucess". In past 40 Days posts you've developed a logo with a tagline and asked clients why they use your services. Now let's start working on a brochure and business cards. Most medical exercise professionals straddle the line between fitness and medical exercise training. They develop brochures primarily promoting fitness but share the brochure with medical exercise clients as well as medical professonals.

This leads to confusion on the part of the reader. I understand you still have fitness clients and fitness has paid the bills. But let's make the leap. Yes, fitness and medical exercise use the same modality...EXERCISE...but they have different agendas and marketing points. Develop a brochure with a focus on medical exercise training. In the brochure briefly say..."who you are...what you you do it and who you do it to".

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