Medical Exercise Specialists…..How You Do Explain Medical Exercise Training?


Clearly and concisely defining and/or explaining medical exercise training can be challenging. I highly encourage all our medical exercise training graduates to have a "elevator speech" which allows you to define your role and services in 30 - 60 seconds. Make sure you explain who you are; what you do; how you do it; and who you do it to. That's probably the simpliest thought in explainiing MET services.

If you do not define your role and services, someone else will and that can leave you in a difficult situation. If the person explaining your services is not 100% clear, you could end up with clients or medical professionals completely misunderstanding your role and services. This may cause some very difficult sitatuations. Please develop a clear elevator speech to define who you are and what you do as well providing a definitation for medical exercise training.

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