Medical Exercise Specialist Professional Approach


Medical Exercise Specialist must have a specific and deliberate approach to managing medical conditions with exercise. The “MES Professional Approach” is taught in our MES and PRCS workshops. The MES Professional Approach is reviewed early in the workshops and is the basis for all aspects of medical exercise training. There are five components this approach. This video will briefly discuss each.

The MES Professonal Approach:

  1. Understand the related anatomy and pathology of the client’s condition
  2. Immediately recognize the contraindicated activities and exercises
  3. Understand key assessment techniques
  4. Incorporate indicated activities and exercises
  5. Plan to progress to positive outcome

This approach is simple but it’s similar to the approach to medical management taught to students in medical, physical/occupational therapy, chiropractic and nursing schools. The MES is not trainerd to replace nor provide any aspects of medical services or treatment. But there must be a specific and deliberate apporach to managing medical conditions with exercise.

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