Medical Exercise Specialists......How Much Should You Charge?


Medical Exercise Specialists (MES) provide great outcomes for their clients. They are not simply personal trainers but highly trained medical exercise professionals providing safe and effective exercise for clients with medical conditions after medical care is over. The need for Medical Exercise Specialists will continue to grow over the next 20 years.

Medical Exercise Specialists should charge 20% to 50% above the going rate for personal training services. The MES provides services above simple personal training. Developing exercise programs to effectively manage diabetes, disc herniation, ligament sprain as well as communicating with medical professionals and documenting training sessions requires a higher level of professionalism, understanding and skill. As a result, the Medical Exercise Specialist should command a higher pay rate. 

As Dr Mike outlines in the video the Medical Exercise Training Institute (METI) recommends MESs charge 20% above the going regional personal training rate for MET sessions. Further, METI recommends charging 50% above the personal training rate for MET assessments. The key to the higher fee is the client experience. 

As a Medical Exercise Specialist you have the skill and knowledge to provide your clients with excellent outcomes and a great experience they can tell others about. Word of mouth is the best marketing but also it gives you credibility so many medical exercise professionals seek. 

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