6-Point Medical Exercise Management System


The "6-Point Medical Exercise Training Management System" webinar reviews a system for medical exercise and fitness professionals (MedXPROs) to manage clients with medical conditions through exercise effectively. It introduces a standardized approach beyond the traditional fitness regime, which often lacks specificity and fails to achieve positive functional outcomes for clients. The document emphasizes the importance of starting with a diagnosis from the client’s physician, understanding the anatomy and pathology of the condition, and identifying contraindicated and indicated activities. This ensures the design of a medical exercise program (MET) that is both safe and effective, focusing on improving the client's condition without exacerbating it.


In this webinar, Dr. Mike discusses establishing specific goals and using a protocol-based approach to manage clients systematically. This process includes assessing key regions affected by the client's condition, setting short- and long-term goals, and adopting flexible protocols to ensure positive outcomes. The ultimate aim of the 6-Point MET Client Management System is to create a logical and systematic approach that can be shared and standardized among professionals internationally, enhancing the quality and effectiveness of medical exercise training.


Adopting the 6-Point system will improve functional outcomes for clients and contribute to the recognition and growth of the medical exercise training profession. This strategic and thorough approach underscores the necessity of bridging the gap between healthcare and fitness, promoting better health and wellness outcomes through medically informed exercise programming.


The 6-Point Medical Exercise Training Management System is presented as a component of our MedXPRO Network. Please go to www.MedXPRONetwork.com and become part of the movement to establish medical exercise training as a recognized wellness profession.


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