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Become a Certified Medical Exercise Specialist from the Comfort of YOUR Home or Studio – Join the MES Study Group!!


MES Study Group Starts – January 7th, 2020!!
“I really want to become a certified MES, but don’t have the time and the resources to commit to a $1,595 lump-sum, 2-day on-site seminar that requires travel to another city, lodging, and other accommodations.” If you’ve uttered these words, the Medical Exercise Specialist Study Group (MES Study Group) is for you! The Medical Exercise Training Institute (METI) listened to you and designed a certification program with the busy and cost-conscious fitness professional in mind.

The MES Study Group offers the best of both worlds – a LIVE seminar/workshop and distance education. Travel time and expense can make it difficult to attend workshops in person, and the MES Study Group is a great option. Research has shown that study group participants are far more successful in pursuit of their goals – don’t you want that success for yourself? ACT NOW! The next MES Study Group starts on January 7th (MESSG Video). We will broadcast each study group session live from Houston. Now you can participate in a LIVE presentation of the MEST materials along with demos of medical exercise assessment and exercise techniques!! Only limited space is available to ensure a quality learning experience for you. JOIN NOW!!!

Here’s how the MES Study Group works …
Medical Exercise Specialist Study Group (MESSG) consists of 12 study group sessions. The video MESSG meets every other Tuesday at 9pm ET/6pm PT. This is a standard study group and meets every other Tuesday for 24 weeks (January 7th – May 25th, 2020). The standard study group gets you through the MEST material and ready to take the final MES exam by June 2020!! The MESSG video format allows you to ask questions and receive your response immediately.

Register for the MES Study Group by using our one of our MESSG payment options at the bottom of the page. A two-payment option is available.
Participate in the MES Study Group from the comfort of your home or fitness studio on your laptop, Iphone or Ipad. The MES training is now portable.
The MES Study Groups meets every other Tuesday starting January 7th at 9pm ET/6pm PT (see schedule below).  Participate in the 90-minute video broadcast hosted by Michael K. Jones, PhD, PT (“Dr. Mike”). Each study group session is a review of the MEST lessons for that module. Receive case studies that allow you to immediately apply the concepts you learn in the module.

Each 90-minute MES Study Group session is recorded and posted to the MES Study Group members’ area within 24 hours of the broadcast. Only MES Study Group members will have access to this area. The case studies for each module will also be posted to the site along with the recording. If you can’t make a session, simply download the recording and view it on your iPad, laptop, iPhone or Android phone.

You may pay for the MES Study Group using one easy payment of $1145 or two payments of $572.50. Using one of these payment options allows you to get started with the MEST lessons and participate in the MES Study Group. If you select the two-payment option, the second $572.50 installment payment is automatically debited to your credit card, debit card or checking account later 30 days. You are free to study and learn the latest medical exercise/post rehab guidelines while maintaining and managing your cash flow.


Once you complete the MES Study Group you are ready to take and PASS the final MES exam and begin “Bridging the Gap Between Health Care and Fitness”.

The MES Study Group is for the serious-minded only! Once you have joined the group, absolutely no refunds! No exceptions! We aim for a 100% SUCCESS RATE!

Other MES Study Groups are scheduled for June 2020. Contact our office at 1-888-610-0923 for more information. You may enter a study group at any point. Your registration for the MES Study Group allows you to repeat the program as many times as you wish.

* The standard MES Study Group consists of 12 sessions over 24 weeks. Accelerated study groups meet over 12 weeks with sessions every week.

The Value of the MES Certification… has provided the MES training to thousands of medical exercise professionals around the world. Our medical exercise/post rehab professionals have established referral relationships with medical professionals, developed profitable businesses and enhanced their career and financial opportunities through the Medical Exercise Specialist certification. We have simply broken the MEST lessons into ten modules, two exam review sessions and created a 12-session study group that gives you the opportunity to stay on track with the MEST. It can’t get any simpler to complete the most comprehensive medical exercise/post rehab course in the world.’s Dr. Mike is the primary instructor for the MES study group. With 34 years experience as a physical therapist and 25 years teaching medical exercise professionals, Dr. Mike has the experience and knowledge necessary to help you build a profitable practice and “Bridge the Gap Between Health Care and Fitness”. Enroll in the MES Study Group – invest in yourself and your practice – you’ll be glad you did!

Join the MES Study Group NOW!!!

If you already have access to the MES Track through our MEST series and you need help staying on track – join the MES Study Group. Just pay $245 to join the MES Study Group. We guarantee the MES Study Group will have you ready to take the MES exam when the study group concludes. Select one of the payment options below to register for the MES Study Group. 



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