Learn how the MedXPRO practice model will make your business a far more successful and profitable one!

This model is your KEY to
BETTER outcomes and profits.

MedXPRO practice model is presented by Dr Michael Jones. Dr Mike is the originator of the Medical Exercise Specialist certification and workshop. In the 24 years since he established the MES he has helped thousands of Medical Exercise Specialists build strong practices. Join us and build your MET practice.


Medical Exercise Training is growing rapidly and is here to stay.

Are you trying to be successful in this new and emerging profession using an old style personal training business model? Have you made the switch from fitness business to medical exercise training practice?
The shift to Met practice is far more profitable and successful than the standard personal training Business.


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As a medical exercise professional it takes a lot more to manage medical exercise clients and communicate with medical professionals. A strong foundation and pillars are important to establishing credibility and getting referrals as a medical exercise professional. Join us and take the next step in “Bridging the Gap Between Health Care and Fitness”.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to lay the foundation and build the pillars for your practice.

Steps To:

Lay the foundations of a successful practice

Four Pillars:

Of a profitable practice

Possible Streams:

Of income for your Met practice

Best Options:

For specializing your practice

The old business model treats every client as a revenue source.
The practice model uses systems to attract and manage clients as well as producing outcomes and profits. Join us and take the next step in “Bridging the Gap Between Health Care and Fitness”.

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