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MET Assessment Series

Deep Dive into MET Assessments: A Comprehensive Series for Precision and Proficiency


Embark on a journey to master the art of Medical Exercise Training (MET) assessments with our MET Assessment Series. This comprehensive program provides detailed guidelines and procedures for evaluating key areas: the shoulder, elbow/wrist, cervical and lumbar spines, hip, knee, and ankle. Designed for precision and practical application, this series not only enhances your assessment skills but also equips you with personalized MET assessment forms for each joint, ensuring thorough and professional documentation.

What You’ll Learn:

In-Depth Assessment Techniques for Each Joint/Area: Explore the nuances of MET assessments for different body regions, enabling you to perform thorough evaluations with confidence.

Foundational Knowledge of Anatomy and Pathology: Gain an essential understanding of the basic anatomy and pathology relevant to each region, forming the bedrock of your assessment skills.

Effective Medical History Interviewing: Learn targeted interviewing guidelines tailored for each body region, enhancing your ability to gather critical information for a successful assessment.

Goniometry and ROM Testing Expertise: Master the techniques of goniometry and range of motion (ROM) testing for each area, an integral part of MET assessments.

Muscle Strength Testing Protocols: Delve into the protocols for muscle strength testing, ensuring you can accurately gauge the functional capacity of each region.

Specialized Testing Procedures: Uncover specialized testing procedures for each area, providing a comprehensive assessment toolkit.

Functional Assessment Scale Reviews: Understand and utilize functional assessment scales for each joint/region, adding depth and precision to your evaluations.

Your Professional Advancement:

All-Inclusive Workshop Content: This series encompasses all MET Assessment workshops, offering a complete educational experience.

Personalized Assessment Forms: Receive bespoke MET assessment forms for each joint, streamlining your documentation process.

Practical and Theoretical Mastery: Blend theoretical knowledge with practical skills, preparing you for real-world applications.

Why This Series is Essential:

Effective Communication with Medical Professionals: The detailed MET assessments you’ll learn are crucial for clear and professional communication with physicians, therapists, and insurance carriers.

Enhancing Your MET Practice: This workshop empowers you with specific skills to assess, document, and effectively record assessments, elevating your professional practice.

Professional Development:

By completing this series, you add 17.0 Contact Hours to your professional growth, significantly enhancing your expertise and credentials in the field of MET.

Ideal For:

This series is tailored for medical exercise professionals seeking to refine their assessment skills, enhance their professional documentation, and communicate effectively within the healthcare environment. Whether you are new to MET or looking to expand your expertise, this series is a pivotal step in your professional journey.