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A Community For METI -  Medical Exercise Professionals

Join the only community dedicated exclusively to METI -Medical Exercise Specialists…Post Rehab Conditioning Specialists...Medical Exercise Program Directors!! The MedXPRO Network will take you to the next level with your medical exercise training skills and practice.
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What is the MedXPRO Network?

The Community for True MedXPROs

If you are focused on Medical Exercise Training.....this community supports the growth and development of medical exercise training and post rehab professionals worldwide.

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MedXPRO Network is here to give you ALL of the support you need to grow your business and develop your medical exercise training skills.
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The MedXPRO Network will assist MESs, PRCSs and MEPDs in managing a wide range of clients.
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Perfect Your Skills
The MedXPRO Network will provide you with hours of detailed training videos that will help enhance your MET skills.
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Attract New Clients
The MedXPRO Network will share tried and tested creative strategies to attract new MET clients and market your services.
What's included

What’s included with the  MedXPRO Network.

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MedXPro Network Resources!! 

Joining the Network is the next step after completion of the MES, PRCS or MEPD!! Sign up now and find the resources you need to become a true medical exercise professional!! MET continue will grow over the next 20 years… join the community dedicated to helping you.... “Manage Medical Conditions with Exercise”!

The MedXPRO Network  community will assist MES, PRCS and MEPDs in managing a wide range of clients, using corrective exercise, post rehab fitness, and medical exercise training techniques and strategies.


Join the only community dedicated exclusively to METI - Medical Exercise Professionals… Everyone speaks the same language!!

MXP Network will take you to the next level with your medical exercise training skills and practice.

As medical exercise training (MET) continues to grow…..a good idea may be to join a community of like-minded and well-trained MEDICAL EXERCISE PROFESSIONALS. Yes, professionals....not wannabes.

Whether you just finished the MES or PRCS, have  practiced a few years and want to build a strong and profitable MET practice, let the MedXPRO Network resources work for you instead of your developing them on your own.

Do you ever feel like the Lone Ranger in your practice? Every other trainer says they do MET or post rehab but its not......you don't really know what they are doing. Other personal trainers don’t work with the clients the way you do; the physical therapists are looking for someone to refer to or feel threatened; or you just want other REAL Medical Exercise Specialist to talk to? If you say yes to any of these… JOIN the MedXPRO Network!!

The MXP Network is the next step after you completed the MES, PRCS or MEPD certification!! Join now and become the medical exercise expert in your community!! The need for MET will grow over the next 20 years….join the community dedicated to helping you “Manage Medical Conditions with Exercise”!

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Let the MedXPRO Network be the ADVANTAGE you use to become the “GO-TO MEDICAL EXERCISE SPECIALIST” in your community!

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We've made joining the Network Simple

We WANT every MES, PRCS and MEPD to become part of the Network. The more METI professionals we have....the stronger we are and the greater impact we will have on our new profession - Medical Exercise Training.
Pay just $199/year and have access to MedXPRO Network resources.  These resources are proven to help MedXPROs develop  strong and profitable medical exercise training practices with a solid revenue stream, happy clients and good referral sources?
The MedXPRO Network is NOT offering a bunch of useless certifications. We are focused on improving the skills and practices of our MedXPROs. It's about competence and confidence to grow your practice and produce outcomes.....not more certifications!!


MedXPRO Network


(Available for first 100 enrollees)
  • MEST Prime Training
  • MET Skills Training Videos/Sessions
  • MET Assessment Training
  • MET Protocol Training
  • Weekly MET Member Spotlight
  • MET Checklist Training
  • MES Career Success Path Training
  • Monthly Practice Success Group Coaching
  • MedXPRO Private Online Community
  • Weekly MET Office Hours
  • And MORE!!!
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MedXPRO Resources

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MXP Spotlights

Hear MET spotlights about the strategies used to manage their practices.

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Skills Checklist

Assess your MET skills level by completing the Skills Checklist. 

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Pre-Exercise Checklist

Learn the 30 point Pre-Exercise checklist. 

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